ActiveCampaign Email Marketing 4.53.9 introduced an exiting new feature that improves the reporting capabilites of the Email Marketing Software.
On the message archive page you are used to seeing the link stats, read stats, etc… Along with the graphing options. Up until now it was hard to judge link stats positions in the message. You may know that link had 13 clicks and only had 2. But to visualize the position and whether the position in the newsletter had something to do with teh link tracking you would have to manually look back and forth from the archive to the link stats.
Our new message overlay feature solves this problem.
When you turn the overlay on you will notice a + sign by any link that is being tracked. Links that have been clicked on will show up as blue. Links that have not been clicked on will show up as grey. Here is an example:

As you can see there is a small graph by each link as well to give you a quick overall statistic view.
Clicking on a blue icon will present the additional link stats information.

As always – we are looking to improve our current feature set. We have plans to take the message overlay further in future updates.
Should you have any suggestions and/or feedback please let us know.