Why This Software Company Loves the ActiveCampaign API

Why This Software Company Loves the ActiveCampaign API

“Instead of having a fixed funnel over a certain timeline, everything is event-driven. It’s much more personalized.“ – Mike, MemberVault co-founder

Send an email. Wait a day. Send another email.

Most marketing funnels are simple. Most of the time, a marketing funnel is set up to run for a specified period of time, and then it just…does.

But is that the best way to do it?

Mike Kelly is the co-founder of MemberVault, a platform that helps online content creators organize their content and target subscribers based on engagement.

The vision is a more targeted, personalized experience for subscribers and customers. And less of a headache for creators.

MemberVault is designed to:

  • Pull content together from various other platforms (Google Drive, Email, and membership platforms like Teachable)
  • Show which people are most engaged with your content
  • Show which pieces of content are the most engaging to subscribers

To make that kind of targeting (and much more) possible, MemberVault needs to integrate with a marketing automation platform.

And because of the API, Mike’s platform of choice is ActiveCampaign.

Here’s the power of MemberVault + ActiveCampaign

“It ends up being an extension of your email list” – Mike, MemberVault co-founder

With ActiveCampaign, you can see exactly how people interact with your emails. You can see when they open emails, when they click, and how many times.

But what if you want that same information for your content?

“We can tell who are your most engaged subscribers, but we can tell which content is most engaging as well.”

MemberVault works by pulling all of your content into a single platform.

Then, through a marketing automation integration, you can see exactly how people are interacting with your content.

If that doesn’t seem like a big deal, take another look. Knowing how people engage with your content can help you do things like…

  • Suggest related content that they might be interested in reading (or purchasing)
  • Figure out which content is the most engaging to your audience (so you can make more)
  • Optimize your lead scoring for smarter deals with real time information from site tracking, email engagement and MemberVault tagging
  • Increase online course completion rates, by targeting people based how far they’ve made it into your online course

“A lot of users have more lightweight tools that can do simple tasks, but they’re interested in using smarter automations.”

Especially for MemberVault users who come from other, more lightweight email and automation platforms, these capabilities are a big step up for their marketing.

What makes the ActiveCampaign API so useful?

“It’s easy to use and it’s well documented. Those are the two high-level things that I love.” – Mike, MemberVault co-founder

ActiveCampaign’s API is especially useful to MemberVault because of three things.

  1. It’s easy for users to hook up ActiveCampaign to MemberVault
  2. Tags can be added and removed quickly
  3. It’s easy to make API calls

“First and foremost, it’s easy for users to drop in their URL and their key. Getting hooked up to the API is super simple.”

For MemberVault customers, connecting ActiveCampaign and MemberVault is simple. With the URL and API key found in their ActiveCampaign accounts, they can get set up in just a few minutes.

From there, the way ActiveCampaign handles tagging makes it easier for tags to be added and removed—which in turn makes it easy to track how people are engaging with content (because engagement is tracked through tags).

Other marketing automation platforms treat tags as categories that people get subscribed to. But in ActiveCampaign, a tag is something that you add to each contact. That makes it easier to change them on the fly through the API—and know which contacts are doing what.

As for the ease of use? Mike gave an example to illustrate how complicated it is to use most other APIs.

“Other platforms make me do all kinds of crazy stuff. I had to say ‘here’s the tag name and email address.’ I have to do one API call to search for that contact. If it exists, I need to save the ID. If it doesn’t, I need another call to add the contact. Then I need a third call to list out all the tags, then iterate through them to find the tag that I want to add. But if it doesn’t find the tag, I need to add a fourth call to create the tag. And then I finally need a fifth call to actually connect the contact ID and the tag.” – Mike, MemberVault co-founder, on the APIs of most platforms

What’s it like in ActiveCampaign? “One call, you guys do the messy logic on your end.”

“It’s just a really powerful connection back and forth”

‘“We actually hooked up to ActiveCampaign first, and you guys spoiled me. I thought all the APIs would be just be as easy to use as ActiveCampaign and they’re totally not.” – Mike, MemberVault co-founder

The ActiveCampaign API makes it easy to import new contacts and update tags. And because the API is so simple to use, it’s easy to create a deep connection between ActiveCampaign and MemberVault.

Once again, Mike himself says it best:

“MemberVault handles content delivery and sales wonderfully, but we have never wanted to get into the email/automation game. We don’t believe that “all-in-one” tools are a good idea, and we’re happy to simply have a deep connection with ActiveCampaign, so we can do what we do best and you can do what you do best.

All the while, our customers are the real winners.”

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