Meetup: Fundamentals of Advertising for Ecommerce

Advertising for ecommerce

Meetup for Ecommerce Business Owners
Many of us here at ActiveCampaign have a thirst for knowledge. That thirst for knowledge tends to lead us down a curious rabbit hole of sorts. You know, the type of rabbit hole where you end up creating a dropshipping store just to gain more empathy for small business owners.
To quench our thirst, we created a space where we could share our failures and experiences with others, in the form of a monthly Meetup for ecommerce business owners, started by a few ActiveCampaign employees.
Our most recent Shopify event was held on February 22nd, where Robert Carter, a long-time advertiser for agencies and the head of advertising at ActiveCampaign, laid out the fundamentals of advertising for ecommerce business owners. Specifically, he covered a few pieces of tactical advice regarding popular ad platforms that you could take home and implement that day.
Some of the key highlights Robert covered were:

  1. Channel selection: Adwords (people are searching for answers) and Facebook (focus on a specific, relevant audience) will give you the most exposure

  2. How to set up your Adwords ads and account

  3. Crafting, tracking, and scaling Facebook advertisements

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