Meet our Newest Certified Consultants: September 2018

We’re pleased to welcome our latest group of ActiveCampaign Certified Consultants. This group of experienced strategists, service providers, and agencies was added to the Certified Consultant Directory in September 2018.

They’re ready, willing, and available to help you create or improve your marketing and sales.


ACCC Ivan Ibarbia
Ivanibro helps freelancers and small businesses to develop an automated email marketing strategy.

Walk Digital

Walk Digital ACCC
With well over 10 years experience in Google Ads and Social Media Marketing, Walk Digital manages marketing budgets ranging from the tiny to multi-million. No matter the size, their priority is getting you the best return for every dollar.

Morrison Consulting

ACCC Morrison Consulting
Morrison Consulting’s passion is to create and connect software that will increase revenue, avoid unnecessary costs, and automate processes to keep businesses running smoothly.


APS Marketing Group ACCC
APS Marketing Group is a full service marketing agency specializing in Actionable Analytics, Brand Evolution, Website & Landing Page Design & Development, SEO, Social Media Management, Reputation Management, Innovation Solutions, and more.


ACCC Amerisales
Amerisales is an Indianapolis-based digital marketing agency, nationally recognized for helping small and mid-sized businesses, notably those in the medical industry, turn advertising and email into profit.

Vanuit je Hart

ACCC Jan Everts
Jan Everts is a specialist in the combination of ActiveCampaign, ActiveMember360 and Learndash. He also sets up and improves current sales automations.

Johnson Jones Group

ACCC Johnson Jones Group
Johnson Jones Group provides small business owners in the service industry a complete digital marketing system that generates web traffic, leads, and sales.

You can search our consultant directory by type of project, familiarity with the tools you’re using, location and more to find the consultant that’s the perfect match for your needs.

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