Meet Our Newest Certified Consultants: November 2018

Meet Our Newest Certified Consultants: November 2018

We’re pleased to welcome our latest group of ActiveCampaign Certified Consultants.

This group of experienced strategists, service providers, and agencies was added to the Certified Consultant Directory in November 2018.

They’re ready, willing, and available to help you create or improve your marketing and sales.


EMPIST agency logo
EMPIST Agency has a solution regardless of your digital needs. We offer a full spectrum of digital services from custom websites and mobile applications to Facebook advertising and email design.

Dynamic Marketing Lab

dynamic marketing lab logo
If you’re looking to increase your profits by attracting more leads, winning new clients, saving time and avoiding frustration, we can help!

Howl Business Solutions

Howl business solutions logo
Remixing business strategy. Sales + Marketing = the perfect mashup. Helping SMBs automate and scale. B2B, B2C, E-commerce, & Memberships.

RadHaus Solutions

RadHaus solutions logo
Jumpstart your marketing programs with much more than a simple web site or social media account. RadHaus Solutions will work with you to develop a multi-platform marketing strategy that addresses today’s needs with an eye to your future.


getunik logo
getunik is based in Zurich and Berlin and provides marketing automation and digital fundraising services for non-profit organizations.

DragNFly Wireless

DragNFly Wireless logo
DragNFly Wireless gives you everything needed to offer secure guest Wi-Fi to your customers AND a robust platform to expand the reach of any marketing programs.

Launch Business Automation

launch business automation logo
We get to know your business from the very beginning and determine your specific needs to gain leverage on your activities using world class, cloud based automation.

Galvin Technologies

Galvin Technologies logo
Salesforce, ActiveCampaign consulting & implementation begins here. Fill your pipeline with stronger leads by cultivating them with ActiveCampaign Marketing Automation

Ackermann Kommunikation

Ackermann Kommunikation logo
At Ackermann Kommunikation, we aim to become the leading email marketing agency in all of Scandinavia (Europe) within five years. Our ambitions are to be accomplished through the results of our customers.

Marketing Automations

Marketing automations logo
My work focuses on the strategy and implementation for complete marketing automation of communication between your company and your potential customers.

You can search our consultant directory by type of project, familiarity with the tools you’re using, location and more to find the consultant that’s the perfect match for your needs.

Interested in becoming ActiveCampaign Certified? Learn more about our consultant program.

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