Meet Our Newest Certified Consultants: March 2019

Meet Our Newest Certified Consultants: March 2019

We’re pleased to welcome our latest group of ActiveCampaign Certified Consultants. This group of experienced strategists, service providers, and agencies was added to the Certified Consultant Directory in March 2019.


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Slyvania Harrod of LVRG helps businesses share their story online.

Changescape Web

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Changescape Web focuses on integrated small business marketing solutions in the St. Louis and St. Charles metro area. This includes:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing System development and training
  • Managed Marketing Services


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Richard Quinn is the co-founder and CEO of LiveSwitch, a performance-based digital consultancy using smart cash flow advertising, killer marketing funnels and conversion optimization to grow businesses.


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Digital marketing for hire, support, and training. McRales help small businesses realize fast, provable growth by creating repeatable marketing recipes that get results.They specialize in marketing strategy, web design and development, marketing campaign management, social media marketing, email marketing, social media advertising.


Socialmediaonlineclasses has small business clients on 6 continents, award-winning content, and 24/7 automation. They develop long-term relationships with small business clients & takes responsibility for helping them achieve success. They offer award-winning classes on digital marketing, coaching, consulting and services.
Just need help getting everything set up? Great! They can do that for you. Want them to handle everything from getting your contacts migrated to email campaigns to automations? They do that too.

Wild Audience

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Wild Audience helps 6 and 7-figure hight ticket businesses automate their processes to acquire customers at profit and scale combining respect-based marketing and relationship funnel.


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GetUWired helps small businesses through their strategies, implementation, and on time deliverables.
GetUWired is a full-service online marketing agency of over 45 full time, in-house team members! They have successfully served the small business community for over a decade and have worked with thousands of small businesses.
Their advanced knowledge and experience in traffic generation, web development and marketing automation serves our customers worldwide on a daily basis.

One Question

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Measuring Happiness. Managing Performance. Marketing Smarter.
In the new Relationship Era, The One Question help you make key business decisions, get better marketing results, build stronger customer and employee relationships and, ultimately, grow your business.

Conversion Company

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Conversion Company focuses on digital performance, conversion and insights, and marketing automation. They help businesses:

  • Increase profits and get a better return on their online marketing investment.
  • Gain deeper understanding of your customers and boost your conversion rates.
  • Use data & technology to be more relevant for your audience.

Greg Getner

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Greg Getner offers an effective, creative, and technical “data first” approach to delighting your customers and scaling your business with email automation. His professional specialties include developing multi-channel customer acquisition & retention plans using

  • Search
  • Social
  • Direct
  • Web
  • Email
  • Mobile.

He also has a great deal of experience developing product & consumer insights using numerous primary and secondary market research methodologies.

Growth Geyser

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Business automation, B2B lead generation & more.
You’re in the business of turning a profit and Vito Mazzarino of Growth Geyser is here to help.
He specializes in business automation so you can focus more time on high-level work and less time on rote tasks.
He also has extensive experience with B2B sales and can help you generate leads, devise sales strategies, and construct sales processes & systems.


Coaching and implementation company helping you get the maximum return on your Active Campaign investment. helps you productize your services and sell them online through webinar funnels on automation with the best possible conversion rate.

They do this by using various ActiveCampaign connected apps that manage your customer journeys from your ad systems, webinar funnels, payment system and nurtures them through the acquisition to personalized service delivery.

Virtual Infinity

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Virtual Infinity helps crazy-busy entrepreneurs and businesses grow faster and smarter with a variety of services, including online business management and bookkeeping services.

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