Meet our Newest Certified Consultants: March 2018

I’m pleased to welcome our latest group of ActiveCampaign Certified Consultants. These are experienced coaches, strategists, and implementers ready and willing to help you create or improve your marketing and sales processes.

Hip Creative ActiveCampaign

HIP Creative

Helping healthcare organizations integrate marketing and operations to provide customers with the most effective tools to sustain and grow your practice.

Steve Graham ActiveCampaign

Steve Graham, Eye Fuze

Helping organize and optimize your current online assets and resources so that companies can enjoy the benefits of a unified system, instead of unconnected technology, data, and processes.

You can search our consultant directory by type of project, familiarity with the tools you’re using, location, and more to find the consultant that’s the perfect match for your needs.
Interested in becoming ActiveCampaign Certified? Learn more about our consultant program.

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