Marketing's Nucleus – Understanding Your Target

This is the second blog of a three part series. In the first post, “Marketing’s Nucleus – Establish Goals”  I wrote about the importance of establishing goals while creating a establishing marketing goals.We learned a nucleus is the core of something and presented this series as being focused on 3 key topics I believe to be at the core of email marketing. We also learned that the goal of marketing is NOT to make money, but instead to capture market share.  The second post of the series will focus on the importance of understanding your target while developing a marketing strategy.
What do I mean by understanding your target? At the age of 12, I started participating in the sport of archery. To this day, I love it! A few years ago, I had my bow in a local archery shop for a tune up. The guy who had done the tune up, turned out to be a professional archer, and was willing to provide some tips on improving my accuracy. He told me to look at the bulls eye first and then bring my pin (it is a tool used to help aim) to the target, rather than focusing on the pin first and then placing it on the target. The goal was to focus what I was aiming for, and let the bow and arrow become more fluid with my physiology. It sounded great in theory, but would it actually work? I immediately drove home to test my new found knowledge. Instantly, I started shooting better. My arrows were hitting the target closer together (a good thing) and I found myself a better shot  almost immediately.

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What does this have to do with marketing? Turns out; quite a bit. It is wonderful to have a new tool in your marketing arsenal (i.e. Email Marketing), but if you do not utilize the full potential of it, you are limiting your overall effectiveness, and possibly success. The lesson learned with the bow and arrow, was to focus on the target. Not just the target, but the exact spot on the target I wanted to hit. Then, letting the tools I was using to help me hit the mark or “accomplish my goals.” When it comes to email marketing, keeping your focus on your customer, and creating tailored marketing are some of the best things you can do to have a strong system in place.

By understanding the data gathered, and then applying it to your campaigns, you are no longer sending generic emails. Instead, you are sending emails which provide the appearance of emails built specifically for the receiver. This will help create a quality list which in turn will generate cashflow instead of a list which does nothing.
Here is an illustration to highlight my point. Would you rather have list of 100,000 subscribers with a 1% open rate, or a list of 10,000 subscriber with a 50% open rate? Obviously, the choice is simple. You want the 10,000 subscriber list, which would offer a much higher interaction rate with the customers. The greater the rate of interaction, the greater the chances your email marketing efforts being a success. Email marketing goes far beyond being able to send emails. In essence, it is about engaging a customer and alerting them of your services. Our goal at ActiveCampaign is to provide you the tools and the abilities to do this with relative ease. Open rates are only the tip of the iceberg, but the point is clear. By creating interaction with your customers (or target), you can focus on key variables which enable your email marketing service to be used to its full potential.
So how do you build targeted lists? I would start by gathering and looking at the data. Data is a powerful tool, and if utilized properly, it can greatly increase the overall effectiveness of almost any business.  ActiveCampaign provides an in depth reporting tool, allowing you to view and understand the data which is readily available to you as apart of our software. Look for any trends or insights into your audience. Be willing to go deeper than how many opens you had. Look at how many of your links were clicked on and by whom, what was your forward rate, how many times was the news letter posted to social media, did certain subscriber open the email multiple times, etc.
Ultimately, you will need to decide which metrics are valuable for your business model and marketing strategy.  Once you start building a foundation with the data, you can begin to focus your email marketing efforts. How so? Learn to use *segmentation and *conditional content within your email. Try placing *personalization tags in different parts of your campaigns. These tools are equivalent to the pin of a bow and arrows sight. By understanding the data, you are focusing on very specific information about  your customer (the bulls eye) through studying their open trends, interest, gender, etc., the knowledge base and overall understanding of the customer is greatly expanding. Then, while maintaining focus on the target, you overlay our email marketing tools such as personalization tags. All of a sudden, marketing becomes a fluid motion of understanding your target, and using email marketing to zero in on the details. Not only will you increase the personal feel of your emails, but you will greatly increase the quality of your campaigns. Quality of a product does not matter….said no one ever.

* To learn more about segmentation, conditional content, and personalization tags; you can join one of our Advanced Segmenting & Campaign Options  webinars.
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