13 Marketing Jokes So Cheesy You Can’t Help but Laugh

13 Marketing Jokes So Cheesy You Can’t Help but Laugh

Is there silence at the beginning of your marketing meetings? Sure, you could fill it with small talk. You could talk about the weather and your weekend plans.

But what if you took time honored public speaking advice – and opened with a joke?

Unless you’re Tom Fishburne, the genius behind The Marketoonist, marketing isn’t usually a rich comedic area.

That’s why we pulled together 13 marketing jokes.

WARNING: These marketing jokes are incredibly cheesy. You’ll laugh. You’ll groan. Your dad will groan. Then he’ll one-up you with a classic dad joke.

Whether you use them to have fun with your team at a slow meeting or break the ice at a conference – you’re going to hate how much you laugh at these marketing jokes.

13 Marketing jokes you can’t help but laugh at

Why don’t marketers like trampolines?
They’re scared of high bounce rates
Where’s the best place to hide a body?
The second page of Google
An SEO expert walks into a bar, bars, pub, public house, drinking house, grill, beer, wine, whiskey…
Why didn’t the marketing couple get married?
They weren’t on the same landing page.
Why couldn’t the store sell any cooking equipment?
It had a leaky funnel.
What’s a pirate’s favorite type of content?
A webinAAARRR!
What kind of marketing do pirates like most?
How do you know when you’re doing too much email marketing?
You look for the “unsubscribe” link on a postcard.
What’s an SEO’s favorite animal at the zoo?
The inbound lynx.
Why did the marketer build a fence around her house?
She likes to gate all of her assets.
How do marketers get rid of houseflies?
A SWOT analysis.
What do content marketers use to wrap presents?
White papers.

Why did the priest hire a marketing consultant?
To improve his conversion rate.

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