ActiveCampaign is designed with one goal in mind: to give you the perfect tool for growing and managing your business as efficiently as possible.
Like most tools, it may be perfectly clear what it’s for and how it works, but it takes a skilled craftsman with a bigger plan and years of experience to create something valuable. I understand how to swing a hammer and operate a saw, but I couldn’t build a house (or even a decent chair, for that matter). Similarly, you might understand how to create emails and automation workflows, but it might be unclear how to build out an effective marketing and sales funnel that creates satisfied customers at every step of the customer lifecycle.
That’s where our certified consultants come in. They understand how all of ActiveCampaign’s features can be woven together with a marketing strategy to create business growth. They’re experienced marketing and sales craftspeople. You can have them build something for you, or consult with them to get their advice, tap into their experience, and gain another perspective.
They have a wide range of skills and backgrounds so, chances are, if you’re trying to do something, there’s a consultant who can help. They can assist with everything from setting up Event Tracking to configuring an automated order fulfillment process for your ecommerce store to creating a detailed marketing strategy from scratch. They’re a flexible resource that’s there for you when aren’t sure what you need to do, how to do it, or simply don’t have the time to get it done!
It’s my pleasure to introduce our newest group of ActiveCampaign Certified Consultants:

Digisavvy, Alex Vasquez
Get to where you’re growing with data, proven techniques, and ActiveCampaign

One Read Thread, Caroline Leppers
Making life easier by helping businesses work smarter.

Bumper Leads
Fall in love with your business again.

INBO Marketing, Ken Cordes
Our reward is getting you results

Brand Dot Blog, Jena Apgar
Your personal Digital Marketing Warfare Strategist

Jordan Arsenault
Marketing strategies for e-commerce, construction, and churches

Point B Marketing
Specializing in inbound marketing campaigns

Melt Design
Forward-thinking design + lead gen specialists

Lori Feldman, The Database Diva
Squeeze more out of your database with B2B marketing automation

Julia Slike & Co
A full service marketing & branding boutique agency.

Type B Studio, Jennifer Crego
Providing the systems and structures that support business growth.

Agence 1min30, Gabriel Dabi-Schwebel
A French-speaking consultant specializing in optimizing the customer journey