How to Take Your Fitness Business to the Next Level with Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation for Fitness Professionals
As a fitness professional you are challenged with many things outside the scope of “fitness.” Often finding yourself playing roles like therapist, coach, and dietitian. All while maintaining your fitness business; identifying your ideal client, attracting and closing new clients, and maintaining relationships.

There is a lot of sacrifice. Maybe even to a fault.

Thus, to be a fitness entrepreneur you must love what you do… fitness.
So, how can you get back to what you love?

Leverage marketing automation.

Marketing automation gives you more freedom

By leveraging marketing automation you can remove the menial tasks associated with being a fitness entrepreneur, allowing you to work on growing your business and devote more time to your clients.
But, prior to discussing the benefits, let’s go over what marketing automation is.
Marketing automation is the means of employing technology to continuously execute your marketing strategy.
In essence, automation uses technology to optimize human performance in a way that scales your fitness business. It is you with 200 hands instead of 2.
But, how does it help you scale your fitness business?
Marketing automation helps with:

  1. Acquiring your ideal client. The process of turning strangers into interested clients.
  2. Engaging prospective and current clients. Turn interested clients into customers. Engagement increases client retention and nudges current customers to upgrade services.
  3. Closing new clients. When money is given in exchange for your service offering.

But, how does automation actually help me?

Marketing automation is a facilitator for your business. Much the way employees of a business facilitate its marketing and sales processes, automation does the same thing—but with technology instead of people.
Let’s start with “Acquiring your ideal client.
Another way of saying this is lead generation. With a deal pipeline you can automate sales functions like lead generation.
With the right tools you can begin to automate lead generation with deal creation and notification. Meaning, your deals can be added automatically and you can set the automation to notify you. Or if you have team members they can be notified too.
Engaging prospective and current clients.
You can also use automations to engage prospective and current clients. One of many automations could be based on their particular behavior.
You can track a contact’s behavior using:

  • Campaign (email) opens
  • Page visits on your website
  • Campaign link clicks
  • Custom events you have defined using Event Tracking

These interest indicators are just some of many behaviors you can use to learn about a prospective or current client’s interests.
You can provide engaging, personalized content automatically by leveraging the interest indicators you collected about a lead or customer. This content will help build your relationship with clients and position you as an expert in the specific area of fitness they are interested in.
Specifically, if you see someone consistently engaging with content about weight-loss, you can assume that is what they are interested in and provide content around that topic. You can also make note of their interest by adding a “weight-loss” tag indicating that appeal.
Whereas, if someone is engaged with content focused on gaining muscle mass, you would follow-up with them very differently.
Closing new clients.
The key thing here is nurturing the leads you have generated because, you want to turn them into clients.
This is hugely important. Always focus on your strategy or goal when deciding the best plan of action.
So, again, I repeat, because your goal is to close new clients you want to nurture them until they trust you enough to spend money with you.
A nurture campaign generally consists of three to five emails and can be sent via automations.
These emails are to educate the prospective client on fitness and how you can help.
Then depending upon how engaged your prospective clients are you can create alternative automations to further nurture or re-engage them.

Employ technology to help you grow your fitness business

It is important to keep in mind that marketing automation is a tool. It is a way you can operate similarly to an enterprise by using automations to act as employees.
You are employing technology, or delegating to technology, the menial tasks that take you away from your core business, which ultimately takes you away from what makes you, and your fitness business, money.
Thus, you can not forget, time is money. Your time is worth something.
Get focused and take your fitness business to the next level.

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