Manage your tags

We just released a new way to manage your tags.  We have seen many users adopt tags over using lists and it has opened up some pretty interesting automation and segmentation options.  Until now there was no great way to manage them though.

To use the new tag manager simply head over to your contacts page and click the arrow where it says “Contact & Lead Scoring” to open the menu for other contacts options.  Click Tag Manager and you will be able to start managing your tags including:

  • Adding tags
  • Removing tags
  • Merging tags
  • Exploring tags

In the past the system removed any tags that existed (but were not used for any contacts)  That will no longer happen automatically.  A tag will be removed from the system only if you delete it.

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  • PRAISE JESUS!!!!! Thanks for getting this done.


  • Jon

    Hi Barry, I think that’s a great idea. I suggest that you add it to ( as a suggestion. Thanks!

  • Marzio, tags don’t replace lists, they just mean you can have one master list and tag, or segment, that list. For example, say you have one big list of everyone who has opted in to your mailing list. Then suppose one of this contacts buys on of your products. You could then tag that contact with say a ‘Product xyz’ tag.

    That ten opens up a number of possibilities. You could then segment your list to see only those people who bought Product xyz, you could use the tag to start an automated series that onboard a that customer on the use of their new product, you could use the tag to send out an cross-sell promotion to buy Product abc.

    Only limited by your imagination really.

  • Can you use ‘added tag XYZ’ as a Zapier trigger to fire a Zap from the AC side. For example, a tag gets added to a contact in AC and that fires a Zpa to update something in Shopify or Stripe or whatever?

    • Hi Barry – you can use our automations to capture when a tag is added (it’s an automation start), then use the Zapier “New Automation Webhook” trigger to send the contact data into Zapier.

  • Nope, this is available for all accounts in that same drop down menu, regardless of if you have Lead Scoring enabled or not.

  • SmartCloud

    I use Nimble as my CRM, I have over 20k of contacts in Nimble all of whom would be tagged, allowing me to segment my database effectively. Can I import my tags from Nimble into ActiveCampaign so I can use the same tags there?

    • Hi – yes, our Nimble auto-importer will create a custom field that holds your Nimble tags (per contact). It won’t use our system tags field, but you can still segment on contacts that have certain Nimble tags (in the custom field). Another idea would be to create a saved search in Nimble (those contacts with the tags you want), then set up the auto-import to a certain list only – that way you know those contacts are filtered already based on your criteria.

  • mildmanneredmillions

    it would be amazing if you could tag people based on form they submitted

    • You can have an automation trigger based on a form submission and do exactly that already.

  • Currently no, I can’t suggest one but this is something we’re taking into consideration for future revisions of our form builder. Cheers!

  • Thanks Sean, in the future if you want to provide feedback to us and have additional ideas you can do so at Thanks!

  • Jennifer Sue Wedel

    New AC user. I keep reading about auto-complete tags being available but I’m sure not seeing it anywhere as I create automations…. I hope it’s not true that the tags have to be in active use in a campaign to be in the autocomplete list?

    • Jennifer if you enter the tags into the Tag Manager first, they will autocomplete everywhere else in the app. Or if someone gets a tag from an automation or something it will get entered into Tag Manager automatically, then will autocomplete.

      • Jennifer Sue Wedel


  • Is this in the API too? Eg list tags

    • Hi, not currently, no. You can only obtain contact tags when fetching contact data (tags appear for each contact record).

  • I was just looking at the Zapier integration for AC. I don’t see the ability to add a Tag for a contact. Is that part of adding the contact action? I don’t have a current AC account, so couldn’t test this.