We care about People. These words are at the center of so many mission statements. It’s a powerful sentiment with a nice ring that gets talent in the door and works well to foster a positive public image. In the real world, I think we’ve learned to temper our expectations about what that really means. After all, they’re just words. Which is why it’s all the more inspiring when we see these words put into action.
I’m writing this because I continue to be sincerely impressed by ActiveCampaign since I started six months ago. I think it’s rare to find a company that truly cares about its customers and its employees. It’s even more rare when its compassion extends beyond. To People. Not just our people, but all people.
Last week, in partnership with Rise Against Hunger, ActiveCampaign donated not only its money, but its time to host an on-site charity event as part of an effort to end world hunger. Yes. On-site, during regular operating hours, my company actually encouraged its employees to set work aside for just a moment to help make the world a better place.
Rise Against Hunger is part of a global initiative to end hunger by 2030 through a combination of advocacy and meal distribution. With one US location in Indianapolis, they recently expanded to Chicago. International locations include Italy, India, Malaysia, South Africa and the Philippines. By partnering with companies and organizations around the globe, Rise Against Hunger sponsors meal packing events as part of its mission, and that’s exactly what we did at ActiveCampaign.
On the day of the event, our wonderful Rise Against Hunger organizer, Tracey, arrived with a truck stuffed with bulk amounts of rice, soy, veggies, vitamins and minerals, along with the tools we would use to package individual meal bags. Then, an assembly line of meal packing stations were set up in our cafe area. Once hair (and beard) nets were properly in place, the work commenced.

Overall, ActiveCampaign packaged more than 10,000 meals which will be rationed out for struggling communities all over the world. All food bags have a shelf life of two years and are easily stored for times when their need is most critical. Once opened, a bag can serve six meals. Often, these meals are allocated to schools, clinics, youth development centers, and care facilities for the elderly. Not only do they feed people in dire need, but they are a valuable tool for increasing educational opportunity, attracting children to schools and preventing dropouts. Ideally, these children will emerge from their education better prepared to break the cycle of poverty in their own lives and in their communities.
Everyone who participated in the event was thrilled. It felt good to be a part of something that made a difference so far outside of our regular bubbles of life and work. Without a doubt, knowing that we all work at a place that empowers us to do incredible things for people in need is something we all hold very dear.
The next day, there was an energy in the office. For many, it was the first charity event they had ever participated in and it definitely left a positive and lasting impression in more ways than one about where they worked and the people they worked with. Here at ActiveCampaign, we care about people. Not just our people. All people.