ActiveCampaign Agency Feature: An Interview with MailBlue

ActiveCampaign Agency Feature: An Interview with MailBlue

The ActiveCampaign Partner Program is how thousands of Agencies grow their business. In this post, we feature an interview with Dennis from MailBlue, ActiveCampaign’s largest Agency Partner.

Can you tell me a little about your agency and the types of clients you serve?

We started the agency a few years ago through Facebook and Instagram advertising. We would get a lot of traffic and leads from social media, but leads don’t always mean conversion.

Email marketing was the solution for us. We were looking for a good platform, which is what led us to partner with ActiveCampaign.

We have around 4,000 customers, most of whom are ecommerce businesses, coaches, or consultants. 

Can you tell me a little about how you use ActiveCampaign?

Automations are the heart of ActiveCampaign. We really use automations to start funnels after an initial lead capture. That’s the biggest thing — automation helps us get better conversion to customer through our main funnel.

What drew you to ActiveCampaign and made you want to become a Partner?

Automations were the major benefit for us. We heard a lot about ActiveCampaign, and the automations really help us with conversion rates in our funnels.

The benefits of the partner program were interesting to us. There was a lot of support, along with a financial incentive and discounts, that intrigued us into signing up.

How long have you been a part of ActiveCampaign’s Partner Program? 

We joined in May 2017 and were certified in July 2018.

What is the biggest challenge your clients face? 

Conversion.  A lot of clients have big email lists and lots of leads, but don’t have a good way to turn them into customers. 

From a product perspective, we have a lot of customers on ActiveCampaign’s Lite plan. Some of those customers need to learn automations for the first time — but some of the higher-tier clients also use ActiveCampaign’s CRM as an easy way to run their sales funnel.

What are your  biggest pain points/marketing challenges that you are using AC to solve?

Conversion, ROI. Creating more engagement in our email lists.  

For MailBlue, we use ActiveCampaign to add extra value to our contacts. We’re also building our own academy, with lessons about email marketing and the functionality on higher plans. More than 60% of our clients use the academy to get info and learn how to maximize email marketing.

What are the benefits of being an ActiveCampaign Partner?

The ActiveCampaign Agency Program has a long list of benefits. For us the biggest benefits were discounts, partnerships, and market development funds.

Being a partner gives us access to discount opportunities that we wouldn’t be able to get otherwise. The agency program can lead to pretty incredible discounts.

Being a partner also means getting access to a partnership. It means we get a long-term relationship with ActiveCampaign and have more dedicated connections.

Getting certified also meant access to new benefits, like market development funds that help expand our business.

Editor’s note: This video has more information about the ActiveCampaign Agency Partner Program.

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