Login Sources vs. Single Sign-On

When we discussed single sign-on, we mentioned how you can have another application log you into Help Desk. From the perspective of the user logging-in, this happens in the background. They do not see the log-in screen for your ActiveCampaign product:

Screenshot of ActiveCampaign log-in screen

Rather, they log-in to an entirely different application, and upon successful authentication, they are simultaneously logged-in to your ActiveCampaign product. When they visit the ActiveCampaign product, they are not required to log-in, which provides a more seamless experience.

Login sources could be considered the opposite – instead of logging into another application, you log directly into the ActiveCampaign product with credentials from that other application.

The difference is the log-in screen presented to the user. With SSO, it’s the external application log-in screen. With login sources, it’s the ActiveCampaign product log-in screen.

They are both achieving the same result, but where you log-in is the difference.

This illustration may help visualize this concept:

Diagram of application flow using single sign-on and login sources

Above, you’ll see that as your ActiveCampaign product sits in the middle, you either authenticate to ActiveCampaign from single sign-on, or from ActiveCampaign to a login source.

Either way, your users gain access to your ActiveCampaign product in a manner more conducive to your business needs or system flow.

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