We’ve made an update to the user login feature of our Email Marketing software, which allows the main “admin” user to pose as any other user, while viewing the administrative section of the software.
The idea is to bypass the need to validate using the exact user credentials, and instead provide software administrators the right to examine how the software looks and behaves when logged in as anyone outside of the main “admin” user.
This has benefits and implications for resellers mainly – but any software administrator can take advantage of this feature, which creates more awareness as to how the software works.
By having access to all of your user accounts, you can gain a greater understanding of the software, in order to provide better support and service to your clients.
To use this feature, simply login using this format:
Username: admin|ksmith
Password: [main “admin” password]

Just include the word “admin,” followed by a pipe character, then the actual username. Use the main “admin” password, and you’ll masquerade as the user while viewing the administrative section.
All of that users’ privileges (or lack of) will be evident to you while logged in as them.