List engagement & removing non-engaged subscribers

In the past IP reputation & segmenting types of email to different IP’s was the obvious delivery tactic for many email senders.  But now the combination of domain reputation and engagement is increasingly making deliverability quite a challenge for some senders.

We have had many people contact us to help remove non-engaged subscribers.  We even had some internal tools to help do this on-demand.  We recently took a little time to add the capability into everyone’s account so you can manage your engagement and clean up any subscribers that have not engaged in a specific time period.

When you click “View Cleanup Options” you have the option to either remove all subscribers who have not engaged ever or anyone who have not engaged within a specific time period.

You can find this new page by going to Lists. Next to each list there is a down arrow. Clicking the down arrow will display a list of options. Click “Engagement Management” to navigate to this feature.

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  • AWESOME addition, guys, I’m a big believer in cleaning up your lists to remove people who don’t engage.

  • Great new tool help keep your target audience active and engaging

  • Jon Salinger

    What version is this on?

    • jvandeboom

      This is currently only available in the standard ActiveCampaign service (not the on-site edition at this time — although I could see it being added in the future to on-site)

  • Yeh, but what if someone was just added and haven’t had time to engage?

    • This is why we allow you to set time ranges of 3 months 6 months etc.

  • Café com Coaching

    Where can I find “Engagement” in this section? This feature still existes?!

  • h2oMatt

    Is this still located at: Lists > Advanced Options > Engagement?

    I just went to lists and don’t see an ‘Advanced Options’ option. Wondering if this post was written for an old version of AC.

    If so, where can list clean up be located now?


    • Brian Gladu

      Yes, the location of this feature has changed slightly since this post was published. It’s still located in Lists but you access it by clicking the down arrow next to each list. Here is a short video showing where to find it:

      I’ll update this post to reflect the change, thank you for bringing it to our attention.

      • h2oMatt

        Thanks for the quick response and also the video Brian.

        Very helpful and much appreciate :)


        • Brian Gladu

          No problem, Matt. Here to help!

  • Have been using ActiveCampaign for years, but just found out about this. Great feature!

    • Although it’s also a bit scary to use. It would be great to see beforehand what the effects, in terms of numbers, would be. And maybe some more settings in regards to what kind of engagement/non-engagement to take into account

      • Brian Gladu

        Great suggestion, Philipp. Thanks for your feedback.

  • Brandon Pugsley

    This is a good feature. Is there a way to flag/tag these users who haven’t engaged based upon a timeframe? I’d like to run a “re-engagement” campaign before I move them off the system…

    • Brian Gladu

      Hi Brandon,

      Yes, in app we offer two automations that work together to tag contacts as Engaged, Disengaged, or Inactive based on the amount of time that has passed since their last interaction with your campaigns, website, or app. You can also add a “Recent Activity” tag to note contacts who have engaged in the past week or so. You can find these automations in the “Track Contacts” category of the automation menu that appears when you click “New Automation.”

  • Robert Royster

    So once we run this tool does that reduce our people on All Contacts list? Can we then reduce our plan to match our newly reduced list? If I import a list from a lead magnet that has their name still on there will it reimport that deleted person?

    • Brian Gladu

      It may reduce your subscribers, yes. Yes, you’re then able to reduce your plan (assuming enough contacts were removed).

      If you import this contact again, it will add them again. It doesn’t block the contacts it removes.

  • Roberto

    Sorry I have the problem to clean my contact lists from all contacts who never interact with my campaigns. It seems that I haven’t the tool for cleaning. Is it possible?
    Thanks for a prompt reply.

  • Hi Brian: I’m really scared to click that “Remove anyone who has not engaged in the last 12 months”. Someone who already used the function, said it is a little bit.. buggy.

    Is there any way to know beforehand the number of these unengaged subscribers?

    If the command will wipe out 50% of my list, I’ll know that there’s something definitely wrong.

    Thank you.

    • Brian Gladu

      Another option is to set up the Engagement Management automations we provide in app. This will allow you to see how engaged your contacts are for analytics purposes and give you a bit more control over how your list is cleaned. You can access these by clicking New Automation from the automation overview page.

      • Yes, I’ve read that, and I’ve already activated those automations, but I’d like to do a clean up now, and then a clean up every 6 months using the 2-part automation you provide.

        • Brian Gladu

          Ah, I see. I’m not sure where you heard that from but I just spoke to our support team and there are no known issues with that feature. I can understand your hesitation after hearing that, but there’s nothing wrong with it (someone would have reported it if there were a problem). For what it’s worth, I think it’s just a rumor.

          • Thank you Brian: anyway, you should definitely implement a counter of the unengaged subscribers, it will be more than useful to know how many subscribers will be deleted / unsubscribed using the different clean up functions.

          • Brian Gladu

            I can definitely see how that’d be useful and important. I’ve added that feedback to our internal system. If you have a moment, you may want to submit this feedback separately:

          • Done. Thank you Brian, have a nice day.