Leverage Chatbots and Shoppable Quizzes to Automate Your Customer Journey

Leverage Chatbots and Shoppable Quizzes to Automate Your Customer Journey

This post was contributed by Gobot.

Over 100,000 businesses use ActiveCampaign’s powerful customer experience automation platform. Now these businesses have ready access to Gobot.

Gobot makes it easy for ActiveCampaign customers to collect input from their website visitors interacting with their chatbots and shoppable quizzes, and then track and act on this data in ActiveCampaign.

What is Gobot?

Gobot is an easy-to-use drag n’ drop AI chatbot & shoppable quiz platform for your website. We also offer a full white glove service to set up your chatbots and shoppable quizzes, optimize them and manage them for you.

Everything is moving towards conversations today! People are comfortable with instant messaging and expect this form of communication to be an option. Your website is no exception! Leveraging a chatbot and/or shoppable quiz on your site makes it possible for you to be there for your visitors 24/7/365.

With Gobot you can implement chatbots and/or shoppable quizzes on your website that do one or more of the following:

  • Answer visitor questions (including order status for Shopify stores) and hand off to your help desk/live chat platform, e.g., Zendesk, Gorgias, and others, as necessary – your support team will thank you for dramatically reducing the number of repetitive tickets!
  • Collect emails and lead information (all of this data seamlessly flows into ActiveCampaign)
  • Tag people chatting based on the chat topic or their responses to your quiz to improve your email segmentation (all these tags and custom fields seamlessly flow into ActiveCampaign enabling you to bring your email personalization to a whole new level) – the absolute best way to personalize and segment is to leverage what your customers are actually saying!
  • Give product recommendations based on visitor responses to interactive quizzes (and use ActiveCampaign emails to retarget based on products recommended by Gobot!)
  • Book meetings in chat leveraging Calendly, Acuity and various other integrations – it’s convenient and live 24/7/365!
  • Qualify, score and route leads to the right person on your team – time is money so make sure you are speaking to the best leads! Gobot is synergistic with ActiveCampaign’s lead scoring functionality.
  • Conduct conversational surveys and polls – embedding them in conversations will boost engagement!
  • Features a mobile-first design and architecture for high conversions across all devices.

Gobot + ActiveCampaign Use Cases

Use case: Customer Support

Repetitive support questions represent a huge burden for most businesses. A chatbot enables you to offload this burden from your support team so they can focus on the higher value more complex matters deserving of their attention.

(See Gobot’s customer support here here for more information).

Check out how a high-end fashion brand, Eterne, leverages Gobot to address customer support.

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Gobot is fully customizable to match your brand. In Eterne’s case we designed the bot to be consistent with the high-end nature of the brand .

Questions that the bot is not able to address are automatically sent to Eterne’s helpdesk for resolution. For customers that use live chat, e.g., Zendesk, Gobot is able to detect when agents are live and selectively offer live chat as an alternative to ticket creation when appropriate.

Gobot highlights gaps in its knowledge where it can be improved. This enables Gobot to keep improving over time.

Gobot also includes full knowledge base functionality. Not only is this knowledge base useful to train Eterne’s chatbot but it also has proven to be a useful resource for Eterne’s live agents as they can tap the knowledge base to answer questions when addressing customers via email and on the phone.

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A single source of knowledge for the chatbot and live agents is a true time saver and allows for consistent responses across your organization. Agents can improve the knowledge base as they interact with customers and this in turn at the same time also makes the bot smarter. As the bot learns and improves over time, this improves the knowledge base benefiting the live agents.

Gobot + ActiveCampaign: Support

Gobot automatically creates new contacts in ActiveCampaign for each chatbot user that provides an email address.

Interactions with Gobot are tracked as tags and custom fields logged in ActiveCampaign and they can be used to trigger automation flows. For example, you might want to send an email sequence to chatters that responded a certain way to a question in your shoppable quiz.

Use case: Shoppable Quiz

Check out how a successful cosmetics company leverages Gobot to boost sales & opt-ins and collect valuable customer profile data.

Founded in 2004, Bésame Cosmetics has gained a cult following with their meticulously designed, historically inspired, and highly pigmented cosmetics that surpass expectations.

Bésame’s bot is designed to off-load both customer support and sales. On the customer support side the bot is trained to answer repetitive every day questions. Gobot is able to address over 50% of Bésame’s support questions.

On the sales side, the bot includes a conversational shoppable quiz that is designed to help shoppers find the right product for them. This helps avoid repetitive questions like, “what’s the best lipstick shade for my skin tone?”.

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Gobot tags chatters based on their responses and, as we develop our ActiveCampaign integration, we will send these tags directly to ActiveCampaign. You can use these tags (and custom fields) to improve your email segmentation and also personalize the shopper experience.

You’ll note, for example, that one of the questions posed by the bot above is about hair color. Wouldn’t it be great to send only your blonde customers information about your Summer Blonde promotion sale highlighting cosmetics particularly complimentary to blondes?

Often your customers are more than willing to share this kind of information about themselves once you get a conversation started. And Gobot is the ultimate conversation starter!

Learn more about conversational quizzes and guided sales here and here.

Unlike chatbots built for pure customer support, Gobot is designed to be proactive. Gobot can be triggered like a popup to appear under various conditions to boost engagement.

For example, you can set Gobot to appear to all first time visitors that are on page more than 10 seconds, that have scroll 25% down a page and are visiting from Germany! You can get as specific as you like!

Curious how specific? Check out how Gobot is being used by Blush & Bar – an online jewelry store offering unconditional life-time returns and built on the premise that accessorizing your life with great-looking jewelry shouldn’t have to break the bank!

Besides using Gobot to automatically address frequently asked questions, Blush & Bar’s quiz helps shoppers find the perfect ring as well as make sure they buy the right size ring to minimize exchanges!

Gobot + ActiveCampaign: Shoppable Quiz

Gobot will automatically pass all tags applied to your visitor during a chat or quiz to ActiveCampaign. Gobot will also pass custom fields to ActiveCampaign tracking your visitor’s chat and quiz interactions.

You can use Gobot applied tags and custom fields to improve the segmentation of your email lists. For example, after tagging a shoppers by their hair color and type you can enrol them in an email sequence highlighting hair care products designed for their particular hair color and type – and watch the sales roll in!

You can also retarget chat users with highly personalized super converting product specific emails. For example, if a chatter participates in Gobot’s conversational quiz but doesn’t end up buying a recommended product, similar to your abandoned cart automation, you can follow up by email after the chatter has left your store and try to bring the chatter back. An email focusing on a product recommended based on direct shopper input is likely to be a winner!

Further, you can trigger an email flow based on certain Gobot events. For example, may want to follow up with visitors that respond negatively to your conversational poll or survey.

Gobot’s Shoppable Quiz was designed to be super effective in expanding your contact list. Weaving optional opt-in requests into the quiz-based conversation makes it much more natural for a shopper to share his or her email or telephone number.

How you can use Gobot’s Shoppable Quiz:

  • Chat with shoppers, remember all of their responses, and recommend a curated set of products just for them. Learn new information about customers that you could only know by asking them directly! Send all of this valuable data to ActiveCampaign.
  • Collect email opt-ins. Leverage ActiveCampaign to send a personalized welcome email based on the expressed needs and preferences of your shoppers.
  • Use Gobot to track custom Google Ads and Facebook pixel events when your visitors respond to your shoppable quiz answers and are presented with product recommendations. Even for those shoppers that don’t complete your quiz, you can still personalize the retargeting ads. Leverage ActiveCampaign to automatically create look-a-like audiences on Facebook for important customer segments.
  • Personalize Facebook and Instagram ads to match exactly what your shoppers are currently focused on or trying to solve. Create a campaign for a new product to shoppers and or customers who have expressed an aligning interest.

Use case: Generate Qualified Leads & Book Meetings

Check out how a successful Australian design business leveraged Gobot to boost it’s lead collection by 60%! Boost Design is a Sydney-based product design consultancy specialising in the development of technology products for new inventors, researchers, and established businesses. See our Boost Design case study here.

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Boost Design reduced Google Ad spend by 31% while boosting conversions by 60% using a chatbot. Like Boost Design you can leverage Gobot’s Google Ads and Google Analytics integrations to see results like this!

If you are using a booking system like Calendly or Acuity, to automatically book meetings you can boost bookings by prompting visitors to book during your chats. Gobot can trigger your calendar in-chat! Read more about Gobot’s booking functionality here.

Above and beyond automating lead collection, Gobot is also great at qualifying your leads enabling selective follow-up. Gobot works well with ActiveCampaign’s lead scoring functionality.

For example, you can add points for different interactions with your Gobot chatbot and/or shoppable quiz. You can add points for all activities that might be representative of engagement and real interest worthy of follow-up such as booking a meeting, asking your bot questions, participating in Gobot quizzes, polls or surveys, etc.

Gobot + ActiveCampaign: Generate Qualified Leads and Book Meetings

Gobot automatically passes visitor information collected by Gobot directly to ActiveCampaign so your CRM is fully updated with your active leads.

When visitors to your site chat with Gobot, ActiveCampaign can be updated accordingly to enable triggering of automations, including lead and deal scoring and email campaigns. For example, a chatter that indicates that he is associated with a large company that is looking to buy now, and that has, e.g., engaged with Gobot’s conversational quiz, can be scored very high triggering a high value lead email sequence or notification to your sales team for immediate outreach.

Use case: Survey Shoppers

Rejection can be devastating, and this is why people often don’t readily volunteer their feelings or ask how people feel about them. Many businesses suffer from the same rejection and fear-driven dynamic. They work day-in and day-out on their business offering and their website but do so blind as to how they are being received.

Rather than outright ask customers their reactions, they play the wait and see game. Wait and see if revenue increases. Wait and see if more subscribers sign up, etc. Often they wait too long, and the damage cannot be undone.


Enter the online SURVEY. More and more smart proactive businesses are becoming evolved in their approach to its importance. Facing fear head on, businesses are starting to survey customers to see how they feel about their offering so that they can adapt as necessary – and win in the market!

A simple question like “How likely is it that you would recommend our company to a friend or colleague?” followed by button choices numbered 0-10 (or 0-5 or using happy/sad/neutral emoji faces) is a straightforward and efficient way to collect feedback from your customers.

More and more sites are starting to get on the bandwagon, and you are seeing surveys like this pop up all over the internet.

These survey tools help you gauge the loyalty of a firm’s customer relationship. They are an alternative to traditional customer satisfaction research and high scores often correlate with revenue growth.

Gobot allows you to embed your 0-10 survey directly into an engaging chatbot dialogue, so engaging that your visitor will not hesitate to respond to your survey. The beauty of Gobot’s version of the 0-10 survey is that it provides additional branches for collecting user feedback. If a visitor gives you a score of 0, you can ask for ways to improve. This type of feedback is more actionable than just a score.

Based on their rating, customers are classified in 3 categories: detractors, passives and promoters. Gobot shows the numbers of customers that fall into each category and also calculates a score. The beauty of Gobot is that it not only allows you to survey where your customers are on the scale, it also allows you to engage them so as to actively start to shift them from detractors to promoters!
As Leonardo Da Vinci said, “Life without love, is no life at all”. So we say never fear rejection with Gobot proactively survey your customers and address issues before they become serious.

We should also mention that Gobot also includes a separate polling tool that allows you to poll shoppers in-chat.

Learn more about Gobot’s polling and survey functionality here.

Gobot + ActiveCampaign: Survey Shoppers

When visitors to your site chat with Gobot, ActiveCampaign is updated with tags reflecting their activity and responses – all of which you can use to trigger automations. For example, minimize attrition by sending a retention follow-up email with a discount to visitors that responded to your survey with a low score.

How else does Gobot work with ActiveCampaign?
You can access this Gobot help doc to see how to pass lead information from your chatbot and/or shoppable quiz into ActiveCampaign.

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The end result is that lead information collected by Gobot is passed seamlessly into ActiveCampaign. For example, a Gobot quiz was used to collect an opt-in for the lead below. A person, “Bob Tester”, is added to ActiveCampaign. In our next version of the Gobot integration, we will include custom fields that represent both the quiz answers (reflecting a preference for stretch and baggy jeans) and the products recommended (Micro pant in stone).

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After passing Gobot data to ActiveCampaign you can leverage this data to create personalized Segments, and trigger various ActiveCampaign automations.

With ActiveCampaign + Gobot your email marketing will be taken to the next level.

Use Gobot to boost email opt-ins and collect customer profile data and use ActiveCampaign to leverage all of this valuable data and boost sales with highly targeted and personalized emails!

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