How Legacy Physical Therapy Builds Trust with Automation

How Legacy Physical Therapy Builds Trust with Automation

For someone suffering from pelvic issues, talk of medication and surgery can be intimidating. And even though health issues that interfere with daily life are frustrating, not everyone realizes that physical therapy is an option.

That’s where Brooke Kalisiak comes in.

As the founder of Legacy Physical Therapy, Brooke specializes in pelvic health. As a holder of a Doctorate and a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy, she’s armed with extensive health knowledge and a passion for creating positive recovery experiences.

Of course, there’s a major challenge to pelvic treatments, even for experienced PTs.

Pelvic issues are intimate. For many people, they can be embarrassing. A physical therapist like Brooke needs to be an expert in pelvic health, but she also needs to be able to build trust with her patients—before they ever set foot in the door.

That’s where ActiveCampaign comes in.

Brooke uses ActiveCampaign to build trust in two key ways:

  • Lead magnets that are customized to specific pelvic conditions
  • Onboarding emails that reach new patients before they ever walk in the door

For many online marketers, lead magnets and onboarding emails aren’t new. What sets Brooke apart is her ability to build trust—in a sensitive business area—by bringing her deep understanding of her patients to her automations.

When is a lead magnet more than a lead magnet?

When it’s based on a deep understanding of your customer. And when you can use it to segment.

Lead magnets and free offers are a great way to collect contact information. They become even more effective when you can customize them to your audience’s specific pain points.

That’s exactly what Brooke does, by offering separate lead magnets for some of the most common pelvic conditions. On her website, pages like:

  • Prenatal Pain
  • Postpartum Care
  • Pelvic Pain

Each has their own lead magnet.
A lead magnet from Legacy Physical Therapy

10 simple tips to ease pregnancy pain, from Legacy Physical Therapy

For patients who are nervous about talking to a physical therapist, these free offers are a great first step. They provide helpful information, showcase Brooke’s expertise, and give Brooke an idea of what each patient needs help with.

Because ActiveCampaign lets you create as many automations as you like, Brooke can deliver each lead magnet—and follow up with more specific information on each condition.

An ingenious welcome series that builds trust

If you’re a patient who has finally taken the step to seek help for a pelvic issue, what emotion are you likely to feel?

You might be nervous. Or embarrassed. You might be uncertain because you aren’t quite sure what kind of progress is possible and you’ve never met your physical therapist.

Brooke knows this. So she built her onboarding automation specifically to address patient fears and build trust.

Here’s what she puts in each email.

  1. Basic appointment information. Step one is to make sure patients have everything they need for their appointment. That means a reminder of the date and time, as well as the clinic’s location.
  2. An intro to their therapist. Just knowing who will treat you is a big comfort. This email has a picture of the patient’s therapist, along with some information about their qualifications.
  3. Pictures of the clinic from the outside. It sounds small, but what’s the biggest concern of everyone going to a new place for the first time? Finding it. A picture of the clinic eases that fear.
  4. Testimonials based on their condition. By using tags to segment her contacts, Brooke can send testimonials from past patients—who were treated for the same condition as the new patient.

This automation isn’t complicated. But at each step, it addresses the anxieties that all new patients come in with—even ones as small as knowing what the clinic looks like.

How to build trust with marketing automation

“I’m sure you’ve gotten a typical doctor’s appointment message. It’s informative, but it’s pretty blah…we want it to be very different from any other physical therapy experience they’ve ever had.” – Brooke, Legacy Physical Therapy

Yes. We know exactly what you’re talking about, Brooke.

In a sensitive space like pelvic physical therapy, addressing customer pains and fears is critical. But even though these fears are more pronounced for Brooke’s patients—all businesses can improve their marketing by being sensitive to their audience’s pains.

By mixing information with empathy borne of expertise, Brooke is able to create an outstanding experience for her patients.

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