Here's 13 of Our Latest Integrations

We specialize in email marketing, marketing automation, and sales automation CRM. Everything else — payment processing, landing pages, affiliate programs, webinars, etc. — we leave to our integration partners.

This allows us to focus on perfecting our core solutions so you have the best marketing platform possible. If you need additional functionality, you can connect another app, to build layers on top of the foundation ActiveCampaign provides.

We’re huge proponents of the advantages of the custom marketing stack over the all-in-one. We believe custom stacks make it possible to have the exact features and functionality you need at pricing that works. When new apps integrate with ActiveCampaign, it’s exciting because it opens up new possibilities.

Here are 13 of the newest apps you can add to your stack to extend your capabilities as a marketer and improve your business…

ConvertFlow – Lead generation and on-site retargetingnatjahyn7 image2017 07 12at1.37.02pm

ConvertFlow offers two core functions: lead generation and on-site retargeting for returning visitors. Engage your audience, generate leads, and covert more visitors into paying customers with personalized on site experiences. Leverage progressive profiling to collect more customer insight. Deliver highly-personalized lead capture forms based on the pages of your site the visitor has viewed, other forms they’ve interacted with, and other data you’ve collected about the visitor.
Integrations with Wistia, Typeform, Calendly, Shopify, and others, allow you to embed content from these other platforms into your call to action forms. So, you could, for instance, display a call to action form to repeat visitors inviting them to schedule a demo with your Calendly. ConvertFlow allows you to begin specific ActiveCampaign automations and apply tags when forms are submitted and conditions you specify occur.
ConvertFlow offers a free trial.

Nectar Desk – A feature-rich call center solution for SMBs

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Nectar Desk is an affordable and complete SaaS solution for handling inbound and outbound calls. You’ll get all of the standard features you expect from a Call Center Software: IVR, Extensions, Call Recordings, Local and Toll Free numbers, skill-based routing, and more. Understand every aspect of your agent’s performance with advanced, unlimited analytics.
With the ActiveCampaign integration, you can create contacts and deal records from within the Nectar Desk interface. You can add notes to contacts during the call and your call time, call length, and a link to the call recording will automatically be attached to the ActiveCampaign contact record as a note.
Nectar Desk offers a free trial.

Wicked Reports – Lifecycle analytics for small business

mlx9rven1 image2017 07 11at4.48.36pm
Great marketing is driven by accurate analytics but many small businesses don’t have the resources to afford the complete lifecycle analytics solutions geared toward enterprise businesses. Wicked Reports gives small businesses the same detailed, end-to-end insight at a fraction of the cost. You can get immediate answers on which channels, ads, customer segments, and campaigns are generating revenue and see the impact of specific campaigns on conversion events.
Wicked Reports uses a patent pending technology called “People Tracking” to marry data from a variety of sources, channels, and platforms across all the touchpoints of your business. You’ll get fast, accurate answers to your most important questions. When you sign up, you’ll get started with a Kick Start where they help you get things set up so you can start tracking.
Wicked Reports plans start at $199/month.

SalesMessage – Two-way text message conversations

h80463rok image2017 07 12at11.38.49am
SalesMessage allows you to have back-and-forth text conversations with your ActiveCampaign contacts. You can pick your own local number and send and receive messages from the web app or your mobile phone. Canned messages allow you to save time and systematize your sales process. You can even send and receive picture messages.
SalesMessage is $10 per user per month. – Advanced analytics made easy

5y2fa4pej screenrecording2017 07 12at11.50am makes it easy to set up ActiveCampaign Site and Event Tracking without writing code. With BigPicture, you can track events like clicks (buttons, links, images), form events (intaraction, failure, success) , video views (play/pause, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%), and more. Their “People Intel” feature will automatically enrich contact details, and update contact information with insight like job titles, interests, and more.
With you can get started with behavioral marketing without ever touching a code editor. WordPress and Shopify users can get started with their plugins, and everyone else can get started by pasting a single snippet on their site. In addition to ActiveCampaign integrates with hundreds of other integrations like Facebook tracking pixel, AdWords tracking pixel and more. offers a forever free plan which includes:

  • Up to 5K Sessions
  • 1 Project
  • 1 Seat
  • Basic Integrations

Dasheroo – Flexible dashboards and business metrics

vw53juyqr image2017 07 13at12.16.41pm
Create flexible dashboards for your ActiveCampaign data. Organize that data into insightful graphs and charts. See how your contact growth is changing over time. See how your forms are performing. See how your automations are converting. Over 32 native integrations, including Salesforce, Stripe, and SurveyMonkey, and hundreds more powered by Zapier.

Dasheroo offers a unique report called a mash up. You can take metrics from two different sources and combine them for more insightful reporting. See how your Facebook spend relates to your contact growth, how your automation clicks relate to your ecommerce sales, and more.
Dasheroo offers a forever free plan with:

  • 1 Dashboard
  • 4 Data Insights
  • 1 Mashup Insight

ActiveRelay – Simple online payment processing

0fk8ghx0s image2017 07 12at11.58.21am
ActiveRelay’s mission is to make it easy for anyone to process payments online. It’s a payment platform built specifically for ActiveCampaign. In minutes, you can create professional looking payment forms that mirror your branding. ActiveRelay also provides advanced, conversion-boosting ecommerce features like coupon codes and abandoned cart functionality.
ActiveRelay offers a 15 day free trial.

ActiveMember360 – WordPress membership sites

ActiveMember360 was created with the goal of giving you complete control over your membership site. By giving you access to as much of your ActiveCampaign contact data as possible, you’re able to create a membership site that functions exactly the way you want it to. With ActiveMember360 advanced automation features, you’ll spend less time managing your site, and your customers will benefit from a seamless, trouble-free experience.
ActiveMember360 includes integrations with popular third-party platforms like LearnDash, WooCommerce, BadgeOS, and OptimizePress, so you can easily extend the functionality of your site.
ActiveMember360 offers a fully functional 30-day trial. – Business automation

s0wxeqzaw image2017 07 12at1.30.28pm
Create one-to-one integrations or multi-app workflows to connect hundreds of marketing, sales, payment, and process apps, without writing a single line of code. integrates with over 44 apps including Xero, Zendesk, and Zoho CRM. offers a free trial.

AC Video Tracker – Tag your contacts on video views

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This WordPress plugin tags your contacts based on how much of a video they’ve consumed and lets you know know exactly how long they’ve watched your videos.  AC Video Tracker works with Wistia (Playlists too), Youtube (Playlists too), Vimeo (All plans), and the default WordPress video player (With Amazon S3 or Media Upload). You can tag or untag contacts, add/remove from lists, add/remove from automations or change custom fields to indicate when they’ve started a video. Then you can use this insight to send targeted follow up. If you know a contact has viewed only half a video, you can be sure your follow up sequence covers that information they missed. If you know they finished it, you can jump ahead and discuss other things.
AC Video Tracker works with every WordPress membership plugin including: Memberium, ActiveMember360, Wish List, or any case where your contact is logged into WordPress. Once installed, AC Video Tracker works outdside of WordPress on your domain (.html or .php pages) and other domains you own. Plus, it works with third-party landing page apps like Click Funnels and Lead Pages.
AC Video Tracker is a one time fee and offers an unconditional, 30-day money back guarantee.

PieSync – Two way contact sync

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Sync your ActiveCampaign contacts with other contact-oriented platforms like Salesforce, Freshbooks, Zendesk, and 67 other solutions. Any time you add or edit a contact in ActiveCampaign, that change will automatically propagate out to other solutions in your stack. You can set up PieSync to do one-way syncs, two-ways syncs, and custom syncs (for instance, if you only want certain groups of contacts to update automatically). PieSync’s integration was recently improved to sync any custom fields you create, in addition to standard fields like name and email address.
PieSync offers a free trial.

Sleeknote – Lead capture for ecommerce

xlftdc5yu image2017 07 12at1.41.40pm
Sleeknote is lead generation tool that helps e-commerce stores capture and convert more leads without hurting the user experience. It has a user-friendly drag-n-drop editor, exit-intent technology, mobile editor, page-level targeting and more. One of their newest features is automated triggering: a feature that determines the best time to trigger a popup using the site owner’s analytics. So, if most of your visitors abandon your site around the one minute, Sleeknote will display a pop up to re-engage them.
Sleeknote offers a 7-day free trial

Maitre – Viral lead generation

rh1blcvuc screenrecording2017 07 11at04.34pm
Maitre is a lead-gen system that allows you to create and manage viral sweepstakes and referral programs. This has become a standard pre-launch procedure for generating interest in your project before release. With Maitre, you create an “access queue” for a feature or product.
If a user wants to “cut” in line, they can advance their position by sharing a special url with their friends and networks. The more their friends signup, the further to the front of the line they will jump.
Maitre integrates directly with ActiveCampaign and is an excellent way to grow your list. They are the #1 growth hacking tool on product hunt and a top 30 of all time.
Maitre is a one-off payment and starts at $79.

To see the hundreds of other apps that integrate with us, check out our app directory.

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