We have just released a new version of ActiveCampaign Knowledge Management!
We have added a couple of very important bug fixes.
And after a longer period of time, we have added a new feature called “Index”.
Feature works like this:
Now you can add words into “Index” feature the same way you are adding Terms to Glossary Terms. The difference is that words in Index do not have descriptions and headers (titles). They are used to search for all occurences of that word in your KB. Usefull option!
We have also added a support for using double quotes in category names. Actualy, we have fixed a couple of areas that prevented that from working all the time. Might come in handy… 😉
If you are upgrading from version 2.60.21, you will have to reupload the following files:

  • admin/KBAdminContext.class.php
  • admin/KBAdminContextSwitch.class.php
  • admin/KBAdminIndexesEditContext.class.php
  • admin/KBAdminIndexesManageContext.class.php
  • admin/KBAdminUserManagerContext.class.php
  • admin/main.php
  • admin/sql/install_2.60.sql
  • admin/sql/install_database.php
  • admin/sql/update_database.php
  • admin/sql/upgrade_2_60_22.sql
  • admin/templates/indexes_edit.tpl.htm
  • admin/templates/indexes_manage.tpl.htm
  • admin/templates/main.tpl.htm
  • admin/templates/nav_top.tpl.htm
  • admin/templates/terms_edit.tpl.htm
  • admin/templates/user_manager.tpl.htm
  • docs/changelog.txt
  • includes/ActiveRecordClasses.php
  • includes/KBIndexContext.class.php
  • includes/KBInflector.class.php
  • includes/KBPublicContextSwitch.class.php
  • includes/demoFramelessNodes.js.php
  • includes/extlib/activerecord/ActiveRecord.class.php
  • includes/function.php
  • includes/smarty_plugins/function.printstars.php
  • index.php
  • templates/Default/contact.htm
  • templates/Default/index.htm
  • templates/Default/indexwords.htm
  • templates/Directory/contact.htm
  • templates/Directory/index.htm
  • templates/Directory/indexwords.htm
  • templates/Simple/contact.htm
  • templates/Simple/indexwords.htm
  • templates/lang.English.txt

Don’t forget to run updater after upload, we have modified the database too! 🙂