This is a guest post from Bradford Shimp, a writer at Batchbook.
Small businesses have a unique advantage in that they often know their customers really well. This knowledge comes in handy when having personal interactions with customers, and it can lead to greater loyalty and customer satisfaction.
Unfortunately, all that knowledge often goes to waste when it comes to something like email marketing. Because of its low cost and ease of use, as well as its potential for high impact, email marketing is a smart choice for any type of small business. However, when you are sending out just one generic email to everyone, you may be missing opportunities to connect with people more personally and drive in even more business.
This happens because knowledge about customers is often kept in people’s heads. And even when important details are recorded, they aren’t always used effectively in marketing efforts. Social CRM can change all that by providing one place your whole team can record customer interactions and key bits of information. This customer data can then be used to get more personal with marketing efforts.
You should absolutely be tapping your customer database for information that can help you personalize your email messages and to build relevant segments of people to send specific messages to. Batchbook is a social CRM that helps you keep track of all of the important details about your customers. With Custom Field Sets, you can record what you know about them; things like their buying preferences, how many kids they have, or how often they make a purchase.
Once you start recording what you know about your customers, you can start to search for groups of people who share similar information. A quick advanced search in Batchbook could give you everyone who made a purchase in the last six months. Those contacts can then be tagged and imported into a specific ActiveCampaign list via the Batchbook integration.
You can then use the tools in ActiveCampaign to further refine your email list. When you send your next email campaign, you can target it to just one group of people and speak to them on their own terms. This more personal approach will pay off in higher engagement and more sales.
In such an high tech world, it is sometimes easy to forget the power of the personal touch. But knowing your customers is one of your biggest assets as a small business. Software like Batchbook and ActiveCampaign can help you record and use all of your collected information to help you serve your customers in a more personal way.

Batchbook is a social CRM for small business. Bradford Shimp is a writer at Batchbook.