Justuno – A contact list building machine

Justuno – A contact list building machine

The friendly looking robot you see above is ActiveCampaign’s  new friend Justuno. He is your neighborhood list building machine, who’s primary goal is to increase contact list size (and sales). This is accomplished by offering incentives to website visitors in the form of a rewards, based on actions such as liking your Facebook page or giving their EMAIL ADDRESS!!

Justuno and ActiveCampaign recently collaborated together to in order to provide a value adding connection to both services. Justuno’s focuses on helping businesses grow their contact list through prompts on webpages, for a very affordable price. This is done by embedding a simple add widget which you have pre-designed to meet your marketing needs into your website, you can easily add new contacts.

If you would like to learn more about how to set this integration up, please click here.

The video clip below provides more information about Justuno to help grow your email marketing contact list(s).


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