Join Us on the CX Innovation Journey

Join Us on the CX Innovation Journey

Calling all innovators and trailblazers! Join us on our journey to enable millions of businesses to personalize and orchestrate better customer experiences. We’re inviting developers to help us change the way businesses create amazing, one-to-one personalized experiences to deepen meaningful relationships with their customers.  

Introducing CX Apps

CX Apps are integrations that “feel native” to our customers. They enhance the capabilities of ActiveCampaign by integrating data and events from other tools, so the connection between ActiveCampaign and other apps is seamless. Think simple authentication flows and elements that extend native functionality.  

Although we’re just getting started, you can see some of the new capabilities in action by connecting the new Typeform CX App to your ActiveCampaign account.

The developer platform for CX Automation

Today’s modern customer expects an experience that’s personalized (but also simple, private, and consistent) across every human and digital touchpoint. At ActiveCampaign, we’re building the next evolution of automation that will enable businesses to personalize the customer experience and win in the experience economy. 

Anchored by our new integration platform, we’re evolving ActiveCampaign to:

  1. Make CX Automation simple enough for any business or team
    Every business will compete on customer experience in the near future, and we want to make it easy for all to create any experience they can dream up—including making it really simple for customers to connect and get more leverage from the best-in-class tools they use to run their business.

  2. Leverage intelligent personalization, orchestration, and insights
    Advances in machine learning and data science create new possibilities for automations to learn, adapt and automatically change experiences for every individual, introducing new ways developers can integrate with and harness the power of ActiveCampaign.

  3. Enable businesses to automate everything
    Delivering amazing experiences for every customer requires automation to drive 24/7 engagement, ensure consistency between digital and human interactions, and automate any task—within any tool—required to build meaningful connections with customers.

  4. Be the platform that brings together best-in-class tools for a better CX
    Clearly important, because we know customers interact with businesses across many different tools, (booking a meeting, watching an educational video, making a payment, etc.). So customer data lives within every tool businesses use to run their business.  

The new platform is here, and it’s not vaporware

As you can see, we believe better customer experiences are delivered by bringing best-in-class tools together. That’s why we’re committed to building the platform that makes it easy for our customers to integrate the tools they use to deliver a better one-to-one customer experience.  

With this comes new opportunities for you to build CX apps on ActiveCampaign in a way that will help you grow your business, expand your market and serve clients better.

Interested in building with us?

We invite you to join us on the journey and be an early developer on the platform starting now.  If you’re interested, we’d like to schedule time to share the vision as well as talk about the capabilities we support today (and where we’re headed in the near future). We can’t wait to give you details on how to get started.  And more importantly, we can’t wait to see what you build!

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