As of November 16, 2005 ActiveCampaign Survey Software “hit the shelves” with both Hosted and Owned online survey software. “What is the difference exactly?”, you may be thinking. The largest difference between the two available copies of the Survey Software are the options you have for using the Application along with an array of choices for purchasing. Our hosted solution will allow you to “pay-as-you-go” with monthly subscriptions, while our Owned Licenses are a one time fee that allows you to download and use the application on your own server. The Monthly/Hosted Plans include support for as long as you subscribe to the service, and the Owned Licenses include 6 months of support, and after the initial 6 months ends, the option to renew.
Please take a look at our Order Now page or Survey Software for the latest in the prices. We also have the Feature Tour, Benefits page, and many Screenshots available.
Two new question types have also been added to the Survey Creation process. Form sliders, either graphical or not, can be inserted into your surveys giving your users a faster, more enjoyable way to fill out your online form. Be sure to sign up for the Trial to see the sliders in action. All of the features that you will have available to you in the trial will also be available in the Hosted, and Owned copies of the Application.
If you have any sales questions or any comments, be sure to Contact us.