Introducing ActiveCampaign Survey Software

ActiveCampaign Survey Software has been in development for the last six months or so, and is going to be released for Beta testing near the end of August. I’m personally excited about this online survey solution, as all of the features that have been included are some of the most robust available within this market today. We will be offering both a downloadable version that you can run on your own web server, as well as a hosted version that will be competitive with survey monkey.

Swiff Chart Dynamic Graphing
Dynamic Flash Charting is one of the favorites within this application. Using the Swiff Chart Generator ( we have given our charts the ability to display real-time statistics within an interactive environment. The code behind these charts is also allowing us to setup survey template systems and color themes which allow for displaying the graphs in multiple colors and formats..jpg, gif, swf, etc.

Survey Software Data Analysis

Email Marketing List Integration
Email list management is part of the Survey Software feature list. An Address Book is included that will allow for Respondent Management, and will give options for you to send your surveys to these respondents.
As of the moment, 12All does not directly integrate into Survey Software, but this is something that we will be considering for addition in future releases of the Enterprise Edition, and more than likely not for the Hosted Solution.

Email Marketing integration for ActiveCampaign Survey Software

Interface Design
Before the Beta testing begins, development and implementation of the final interface will come to a completion. A tabular design, completely driven by CSS, will be in place. I plan on keeping screen shots here as the development continues, and of course am always looking for opinions on the development process for this new web survey software solution.

Survey Interface Design

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