Introduction To Ticket Views In Help Desk

Our Help Desk software allows you to create custom-filtered ticket list pages based on conditions, called “Views.”

Help Desk includes a few default, commonly-used Views to get you started:

  • Open Tickets
  • My Tickets
  • Closed Tickets
  • Spam Tickets

Setting Up Views

There are a number of conditions you can use to filter on:

You can also specify what columns to show, and other options:

Once your View is created, you can access it from the main menu, or sidebar:

Example Custom Views

Here are some examples of custom Views:

Ticket submitted to specific department

“Not Viewed in over 3 hours”

Custom field “URL” starts with “

As you can see, the possibilities are quite limitless.

There is also an RSS feed, and export feature for each View:

Views should provide you the ability to truly take control of your Help Desk data and help manage your service better.

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  • Sam

    May I ask how we can put the date in European format ? (DD/MM/YYYY)
    Perhaps it would be useful to create a text field as oppose to a ‘text’ field no ?

    • You can change the date format by going to Administration > General Settings > Localization