Introducing #WeAutomateThat: New ways to automate amazing customer experiences

As your business grows, so do your challenges and opportunities. You’ll eventually need to start focusing on tasks like hiring, competitive analysis, and budgeting – all without losing steam on your marketing and sales strategies. Your personalized experience and great service are what got you those first customer wins, but now that you’re hitting scale, the work of running a business can easily pull you away from focusing on your customers. It’s not like the hours in the day increase just because your customers do. 

As you continue to grow, how do you find ways to make meaningful connections with your customers? Making customer experiences accessible to businesses of all sizes is what drives us at ActiveCampaign, and is why we’re excited to introduce a new initiative to improve our own customer’s experience using our automation capabilities.

Throughout 2022, we’ll deliver numerous new marketing, sales, or integrated app automation actions or triggers – that help take care of the numerous tasks specific to your unique business. We will be showing you new and impactful ways to automate customer experiences so you can stop saying how bogged down you are by your to-do list and start saying #WeAutomateThat.

How is ActiveCampaign making automation even better?

From brand new actions and triggers to improvements of your most-used automation conditions, ActiveCampaign is committed to giving you a platform that can keep pace with your to-do list as you continue to grow your business — and find success.

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What can you automate? 

Try a welcome series with email automation. Track contact engagement with tags, custom fields, analytics, and performance reporting. Pull info from every offline and digital channel (social media, live chat, landing pages, text messaging, and everywhere else) to automate the marketing no one has time for. With ActiveCampaign’s automation builder, you can easily create fully automated workflows tailored to the goals of your unique business – saving you time, and helping you stay organized, by improving your marketing and sales processes.

What new actions and triggers have already been released?

We’ve been busy rolling out three new triggers to support your sales engagement strategy. Using automated one-to-one emails as part of your sales engagement automation strategy helps ensure every insight is aligned. Marketing can help deliver truly connected customer experiences, and sales teams can take the conversation to the next level for warmer leads — and more closed deals.

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One-to-one emails let sales reps engage sooner with qualified prospects, know the right time to reach out to existing customers for personal conversations, and follow-up with the personal touch at scale when it will be the most effective.

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Look for these new sales engagement automation triggers:

  • Use an automation block action to easily send a personal email through a connected personal account, like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and more.
  • Create automations with a one-to-one email using a Deal trigger, like Enters a pipeline, Deal stage changes, Deal status changes, or Deal field changes.
  • Include personalization tags and hyperlinks in your automated one-to-one emails to nurture stronger relationships.

Learn more about one-to-one email engagement tracking and automation here.

What you can look forward to from ActiveCampaign

How does ActiveCampaign make sure you’re up-to-date on new #WeAutomateThat releases? By giving you multiple options to get the information you need, in the ways that best suit you. 

  • Timely and easy to use product updates. Our product updates page has a weekly release schedule so you can quickly catch up on which new automation enhancements are most relevant to your business. 
  • Email updates that keep you in the know. Stay up to date with weekly updates about new automation enhancements to boost your business. 
  • A customer community to support your growth. The ActiveCampaign Community is a unified space for you to get advice, network with other users, earn rewards, and get access to new product updates and features.

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