Introducing the ActiveCampaign API V3 – Deep Data

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I am very excited to announce the new beta version of our API, and the new documentation portal. We are focusing the new documentation on a variety of languages, not just PHP like we have in the past. Over time, the API documentation site will evolve to be a full-featured developer portal, with a variety of resources to help 3rd party developers build robust applications on the ActiveCampaign platform.
Over the years 3rd party developers have used the current API to build applications and integrations for their users. These 3rd party apps and integrations have allowed our users and yours to build better, more powerful, and deeper integrated marketing stacks. This stacking approach is helping our users “escape the clouds” by creating bespoke marketing stacks that perfectly match their business needs and objectives.
For this reason we will continue to support the current version of the API for the foreseeable future. If you are a developer that has built software on the current API you do not need to make any immediate changes. We will be sure to give you adequate time to migrate your applications over to the newer version once it becomes stable. That being said, we encourage you to explore the enhanced functionality introduced in this new version of the API (explained below).
We will be rolling out various resources and endpoints to the new API over the coming weeks and months, and are starting with the Ecommerce Deep Data API endpoints.

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Ecommerce Deep Data API

If you’ve built a marketing stack in the past, you know that the stack is only as strong as its integrations allow. An integration that only passes very basic contact information leaves a lot of useful contact data isolated and unusable. Being huge proponents of creating custom stacks of best-of-breed point solutions, we’re addressing this issue head on with what we call Deep Data Integrations.
Deep Data Integrations are a new type of integration than we’ve built in the past. We’re making it possible to pass as much useful customer insight as possible and make it easily actionable. The idea is that a Deep Data Integration is so thorough and complete it’s as if the app becomes a native part of ActiveCampaign. Valuable customer insight is added and organized on your contact profiles but, more importantly, this deep data can be leveraged to create more effective marketing.
The Ecommerce Deep Data API is part of version 3. It allows developers to send purchase information from their application directly to ActiveCampaign. This purchase data, such as product name, order total, order number, and more appears as native content inside the contact record. Once a Deep Data Integration is connected, the segment builder will expose an Ecommerce menu that contains parameters the user can filter against.
This makes it easy for users to quickly sort and segment users by customer lifetime value, if they have purchased a particular product, when the last purchase occured, and more.
Once an Ecommerce Deep Data integration has been connected, ActiveCampaign will also expose the “Makes a Purchase” Automation Start Trigger inside the user’s account, allowing them to start automations whenever one of their customers makes a purchase. All historical data is synced and future purchase information is added in real-time.
These new Ecommerce Deep Data API endpoints mean that developers can now build out integrations that mirror the functionality of our recently released Shopify Deep Data integration, BigCommerce integration, and (before you flood the comments section) upcoming WooCommerce Integration. In fact, our own integrations were built internally on the early version of this API.

Integration Ideas

We are excited to release these new endpoints to the ActiveCampaign developer community, so we can continue working together to help marketers “escape the cloud.” This helps bring the marketing community one step closer to building seamlessly integrated bespoke marketing stacks, that perform as well as native, without the disadvantages of all-in-ones.

Internal Integrations for SaaS Companies

It might not come as a surprise to learn that we use ActiveCampaign at ActiveCampaign, for marketing automation and as our CRM. As the resident “growth hacker” ???? one of the things I am most interested in building on the new API, is an internal custom Deep Data Integration that registers a payment event to our own CRM as a purchase. (It gets really meta here sometimes).
That way, I will be able to easily segment you all based on how many monthly payments you have made, and start encouraging you to save some money by switching to a yearly plan when you have paid for months, 6-10.

Vertical specific companies

Another great use case would be for property management and real estate businesses. I think there is a great opportunity to build vertical specific marketing stacks, for industries such as property management. If you are a software company that processes rent payments for property management companies, this could be a great way to expose that information inside the CRM and marketing automation.
This would give property managers the ability to quickly see who is late on payments, and notify the tenant via email or SMS right away. It would also make it easy to quickly sort tenants by who has lived in the building the longest and at what rate.

Integrations for course creators

There is a large demand for tighter integrations with ActiveCampaign that serve course creators. The new Ecommerce Deep Data API is a wonderful platform to build integrations that serve course creators. This is a broad category, and could include online learning platforms or LMS and membership software. Or, it could also include software for physical wellness courses like yoga classes, personal trainers, nutritionists, etc…

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In order to use the new V3 ActiveCampaign API endpoints, you need to be on the most recent release. Updates will be rolling out over the next couple of weeks, but if you would like to be updated immediately you can shoot us an email ( and we will make sure to get you bumped.

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