Introducing Task Assignment: Work More Collaboratively With Your Team

A qualified lead needs to be moved to the next stage of the sales process. A manager needs to delegate a task to a direct report. A member of your team is going on vacation, and needs to hand off some tasks while they’re away. How will they coordinate?
Today, we’re releasing one of our most requested features: Task Assignment.
Task Assignment helps teams work more collaboratively, ensuring that all tasks are smoothly taken care of and nothing falls through the cracks. The Deals CRM helps you manage and automate your contact data—with Task Assignment, you can manage to-dos to run your sales and marketing from within a single platform.
Task Assignment, available to customers that have access to the Deals CRM (Plus plans and above), allows you to assign deal- and contact-related tasks to individual team members.
ActiveCampaign CRM task assignment
When a task is assigned, the task assignee gets an email that includes the name of the task, the task details, the name of the task creator, and an overview of the related deal or contact. Assigned tasks can be viewed and edited from the manage tasks view.
Stay tuned! Task Assignment will be coming to automations and the mobile app soon. To learn more about how to use Task Assignment to work more collaboratively, read our help documentation.

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