Introducing Subscriber Import Filters

Import Filters

We’ve just included a new feature when importing subscribers – the ability to supply filters to narrow down the data returned from the external source. This is useful when handling different types of contacts, and only needing to import a certain subset as subscribers.
20110512 2
Each external source has it’s own unique set of filters, depending on the available fields that can be searched when ActiveCampaign connects to the service.
To filter results based on a particular field, just supply the search phrase in the textbox, or select the appropriate value from the drop-down:
20110512 4
You will then be able to map all of the fields as normal:
20110512 5
The resulting import will only include the contacts that met your filter requirement.
For example – for targeting purposes, you could import contacts from certain states or within specific companies. The send your mailings only to that list or segment.

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