Predictive Content: Send Each Contact the Message That Will Inspire Them to Act

Predictive Content: Send Each Contact the Message That Will Inspire Them to Act

You’ve heard about ActiveCampaign’s Predictive Sending capability, and how it helped to increase open rates and drive engagement for our users. While sending an email at the optimal time is key to increasing open rates among customers, there is more that we as marketers can do to engage customers and drive growth.

We’re taking personalization a step beyond typical A/B testing and unveiling a Predictive Content for our Professional and Enterprise level users. We’re very excited to bring this product to life, and as we continue to build functionality into the offering and leverage the best tools for our users, we invite you to give it a try and see for yourself.

In a nutshell, how does this work? 

Predictive Content uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to predict which version of written content an individual will be most likely to click on in an email. The variants are compared to the average variant a subscriber has clicked on, and the “winning” variant is then sent to each subscriber.

  • Write your subject line
  • Write the body of your email in your normal tone
  • Click Predictive Content block
  • Try writing the body of your email in a different tone than normal, if you’re normally serious, be goofy, if you’re normally brief, be detailed. (You can go wild with up to 5 different versions of your original email)
  • Predictive Content will analyze the habits of each person on your list and send the version of the email that they are most likely to enjoy
  • People love your brand!

Seems like magic right? How can we possibly know which email your customer is most likely to click on? By leveraging the power of the more than 80,000 small businesses. Analyzing data from our customers, we’ve compiled demographic and behavioral data to form a scientific hypothesis around your own customers’ preferences, down to the content they like best.

Knowing a customer’s name is fine, but you can do more. 

Highly personalized content goes beyond knowing a first name and throwing a personalization tag in the greeting in an email. Our goal at ActiveCampaign is to enable users like you to reach their fullest potential and repeatedly achieve goals. Predictive Content drives deeper engagement from customers as it measures the actual action taken in an email. While segmentation is an excellent way to place large groups of customers in the same bucket, they still have several differences as individuals. 

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Some customers prefer a short and sweet message…

Let’s consider a pet supply company. They have several segments of their customer list, including cat-lovers, dog-lovers, and more. While dog-lovers have a lot in common and would benefit from an email about a sale on dog food, one customer wants to learn about the sale in a longer, more descriptive message using more formal tones, while another wants to know about the sale in a concise, direct message using a casual approach. Now, you would be able to use different language in the body of your email to reflect this information with a link to the website, and the customer would feel appreciated and understood.

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…while others like a little more detail in their emails.

More impact with less resources

While there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes, Predictive Content is incredibly easy to use. While our users are smaller organizations, it won’t feel like that when you’re tailoring content to the exact right person, all from one campaign. While increasing open rates is crucial to brand awareness and customer acquisition, actions taken within emails are what drives conversion. 

Most growing businesses don’t have the bandwidth to perform sophisticated testing because their data isn’t robust enough. We’re pooling everyone’s data together to get these variants sent to particular customers, giving you a larger pool of data that only enterprise-level companies usually have the ability to work with. A/B tests can tell you a lot about what messaging works with your audience, but small teams often lack the resources and time to test effectively. Predictive Content lets you do the work of 10 marketers with just 1 or 2 people—it’s like having more employees without the extra desks.

Get Started Today

Predictive Content is easy to master, adaptive to your goals, and will deliver unparalleled success for your business. It’s easy to begin, simply login to your account and create a campaign or automation. If you need more information, check out our article within the Help Center

Don’t have an ActiveCampaign account? Start a free trial today and see where the “magic” happens. 

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