When you have better visibility into your data, you can do better marketing. Tracking the performance of your messages and automations lets you see what’s working and what isn’t—so that you can make adjustments that win you more, better-qualified customers.
Do you know who’s listening to what you have to say? Which emails get opened? Your top-performing automations—and the ones that need work?
Today, we’re releasing Performance Reporting to give you a clearer look at the effectiveness of your tags, campaigns, automations, and forms.
Now, users on Plus plans and up will be able to access a series of new reports in ActiveCampaign. These four reports—for tags, campaigns, automations, and forms—will show you a side-by-side comparison of performance metrics.
In addition to helping you compare overall performance, you’ll be able to select date ranges to see performance in a specific time frame. Performance Reporting also lets you export reports as CSV files, so that you can present the data any way you like.
Stay tuned for more reports! We’re working to bring you additional information that helps you present performance metrics to your team—so you can make more informed decisions in your marketing.
To learn more about the reports in this release, read our help documentation. We have documentation for each of the four new reports.