Introducing New Platform Capabilities: Orchestrate & Personalize Across All Your Marketing Channels

Introducing New Platform Capabilities: Orchestrate & Personalize Across All Your Marketing Channels

Email isn’t enough. Consumers want to feel connected to the brands and businesses they buy from. To do this, businesses need to engage their customers in the channels they want to hear from them in—not just their inboxes.  And, they need to ensure those touchpoints are always relevant.

This means doing the work to develop strong long-term relationships with customers: You need to understand their needs and interests, how and when they want to hear from you, and where they’re at in their buying journey. 

In short, you need a 360 degree view of each customer. 

Basic email marketing and marketing automation can’t do this. Customer experience automation (CXA) can. And we created our CXA for Marketing solution to provide you with a robust set of tools to help you activate connected customer experiences across channels and throughout the customer journey.

And now we’re expanding our platform capabilities with more tools and channels to help you meet your customers where they are, and meaningfully engage at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

What’s new?

CXA for Marketing is a complete set of marketing tools that help businesses orchestrate connected customer experiences across channels like web, social, email, chat, and text. 

We’ve now added new marketing channels and integrations, and the ability to personalize web pages using customer data collected from touchpoints throughout the customer journey. With the new functionality, you can now: 

  • Create high-converting, interactive landing pages in minutes, with simple set up and easy-to-use templates. In an ongoing commitment to value, we’re now offering landing pages for free to all current customers as part of our Customer Success Commitment. Current ActiveCampaign customers can learn more about the new landing page functionality and take advantage of the offer here.
  • Personalize any web page using data stored in tags, such as past purchases, shopping preferences, interests, demographics, and engagement data (Coming soon)
  • Automatically trigger push notifications and SMS messages based on any action taken during the customer journey via Twilio
  • Automatically trigger Slack notifications based on customer behavior (like when a customer subscribes to email, creates a support ticket, or writes a review)


New features make it easier than ever before to build relevant experiences right into the fabric of your website and landing pages.

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Pages is the first landing page tool combined with world-class customer experience automation. Spin up high-converting landing pages quickly, with simple setup and easy-to-customize templates. 

Pages is currently in beta, and available to all current ActiveCampaign customers. Current customers can learn more and request access to the beta program here.

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Web Personalization lets you use what you know about your customers’ preferences, interests, behavior, and more, to show each visitor the content they want to see when they visit your website.

Web Personalization is currently in beta, and available to current ActiveCampaign customers on a Professional or Enterprise plan. Professional and Enterprise plan customers can learn more and request access to the beta program here.

Extend a personal touch to your website with conversational marketing. Live web chat lets you learn more about your customers’ needs and interests by chatting in real-time. You can then seamlessly pull them into the right automated nurture sequence, notify a Sales rep, or route to Support. 

Subscription forms let you capture leads and collect contact information, then trigger immediate follow-up action.


Leverage powerful personalization and segmentation to put the right emails in front of the right people—whether sending personalized one-to-one emails, or leveraging full email marketing capabilities to send email newsletters and create targeted campaigns.


Integrate Facebook and Twitter with ActiveCampaign to extend your messaging to contacts who want to hear from you in those channels. The Facebook Custom Audiences integration lets you automatically add leads to custom audiences, and target them based on almost any behavior—all from directly within ActiveCampaign.


Use SMS in a completely new way, leveraging engagement data from other channels to trigger a text message that surveys customers after a phone call, or asks for a review post-purchase.

Additional Features & Integrations


Choose from hundreds of pre-built automation templates to create lead nurture sequences, send abandoned cart reminders, identify your most engaged contacts (and most loyal customers), and drive reviews and referrals.


All-in-one solutions are built to meet all of your needs, but often don’t provide the flexibility to use the tools that are truly right for you. Instead, ActiveCampaign strengthens your existing toolset with 300+ integrations, including: 

Our Shopify integration gives you a comprehensive view of shopper preferences and behavioral data to create powerful marketing campaigns that better engage shoppers across their purchase journey. 

Our Twilio integration lets you send SMS and push notifications for important updates about order status, appointment reminders, and more—directly from your workflow in ActiveCampaign. 

Our Slack integration automatically posts information from contact fields to any Slack channel, so marketing teams can get notifications about important events in the customer journey and communicate with Sales and Success to get the right touch every time.

Use our Typeform integration to automatically send the information you collect in all kinds of custom forms directly into ActiveCampaign, and trigger follow-up based on form information.

Why we’re investing in more marketing tools

Your customers expect personalized, relevant experiences wherever they are. To do this effectively, you need a complete view of every customer’s journey.

Unfortunately, many solutions on the market don’t do this well. Legacy email marketing and marketing automation solutions keep marketers siloed, with visibility into only part of the customer journey. This is why the all-in-one approach exists. But it offers limited flexibility, and often restricts personalization and automation to a small feature set.

We built our CXA platform to enable businesses to orchestrate across all channels, and use data from the entire sales, marketing, and support stack to automate better experiences. 

No more dealing with clunky, disconnected channels that don’t communicate. Our platform, with CXA at its core, pulls all your tools together with world-class automation, segmentation, personalization, and marketing orchestration. So you can set up great multi-channel marketing programs, and automatically pivot your message based on whether a customer is pre-purchase, mid-purchase, or post-purchase.

How CXA for Marketing helps our customers grow

We built our CXA platform with the needs of both B2B and B2C marketers in mind. From small business owners wearing multiple hats, to whole marketing teams coordinating programs across Sales and Success, CXA for Marketing fits a variety of needs. 

Here’s how some of our customers are seeing success:

Floret Flowers sells flower seeds and garden supplies, and offers an intensive online course. They use dynamic segmentation and integration with Shopify to send personalized emails based on customer purchases, and have doubled their email list since they started using ActiveCampaign in 2018.

Marnell Gaming operates casino properties, and uses dynamic segmentation and automations to tailor their marketing messages and promotions down to the type of game a customer played. By personalizing their message for each customer, they’ve doubled their email open rates, and seen a 300% return in investment.

Ready to improve your marketing? 

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If you’re on a Professional or Enterprise plan, you can also sign up to join the Web Personalization beta.

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