Introducing Inside ActiveCampaign

Introducing Inside ActiveCampaign

When I joined ActiveCampaign only a few months ago, I expected to be joining an amazing company in the Chicago startup scene based on the interview process, the people I’d met, and what I read about the company. Yet there are so many things I’ve uncovered since joining the team. From holiday potlucks to hosting meet-ups and tons of people with great ideas to share—across design, product, developers, product specialists, client success, sales and marketing. Yet all of the great things we do, stay inside our walls.

So we’re introducing Inside ActiveCampaign.

You’ll find what might be a mixed bag of content, but we’re a diverse team with tons to share. Whether it’s a design principle we use, a meet-up we attended, or how we’re engaging with the community, we’ll be sharing insights from across the team. Stay tuned as we get started, but check back to read more soon!

And btw, we’re still busy sharing tips for marketers on the ActiveCampaign blog — so be sure to subscribe!

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