is an exclusive subscriber data feature that ActiveCampaign is releasing as an add-on to your normal ActiveCampaign account. Using ERJA you can gain access to subscriber details such as age, education, occupation, home & financial information, social profiles, and much more.  All without requiring your subscriber to enter such data.

Data Options

Some of our most popular data points so far include:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Social Profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, more…)
  • More…


Pricing is a low-cost monthly add-on based on your subscriber plan and types of data you want. To view your data options and pricing simply login to your account and click “Premium Services” in the upper right account menu.
Once you choose & pay for some data points we will start to look at our multiple data sources for the data you want. You can expect most of the data to be visible within the first 24 hours. After which we will continue to hunt down any missing data continually until we find data.  As we are continually looking up data you must keep the premium service active to utilize any of the data it provides.