Introducing Customer Experience Automation

Introducing Customer Experience Automation

Personalization. It is well understood that personalization matters. But what people currently accept as personalized sales & marketing isn’t all that personal. We are changing that and by doing so changing the fundamentals of marketing automation.

Marketing automation still treats people as groups, rather than individuals. You can use customer data to group people together and send them down a static path with the intention of providing an experience that feels personal. But every person is unique. And every person expects a uniquely tailored experience—an experience that isn’t shared with hundreds if not thousands of other people.

It’s easier than ever to collect and aggregate customer data. But even with all of this newfound accessibility to such data, you still have to:

  1. Know what to do with it—which often amounts to guessing
  2. Think through each experience you want for your customers
  3. Build all of these automations out, manually

Today we’re changing the way you automate your sales & marketing by bringing you the ability to orchestrate unique experiences for every single customer.

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Unique experiences for every single customer

Gone are the days of using groups and lists to personalize. Now you can provide truly unique experiences at the individual level—where no two customers end up with the same experience.

Imagine working to deliver a unique experience for every one of your customers. You would need to focus on their needs, stage of intent, attributes, and behaviors. Even if you had one team member for every one of your customers (unrealistic), you would still be limited by static experiences and the inability to take into account learnings from the past and data-guided predictions.

With truly personalized experiences for every customer, you will watch your engagement rates rise and conversions increase. And by providing the unique experiences customers have come to expect from the brands and businesses they love, you demonstrate to your customers that you really know and care about them, which builds repeat business and better yet—advocacy.

How true personalization works


The timing of messaging, involvement of customer-facing teams, and cadence of any sales or marketing process is critical. Create uniquely timed pauses for messaging, so every message arrives and every experience happens at the most impactful moment.


No more building all of your customer experiences by hand. Instead of sending groups of similar customers through the same static flow, send each customer through the unique sequence that makes the most sense for them.


Messaging has traditionally been personalized with “first name” or “company,” making it feel impersonal. Take content further by customizing every message beyond known attributes, allowing media and content to be tested, predicted, and optimized at the individual customer level.

CX Automation is here. And today we are releasing Predictive Sending. Predictive Sending allows for uniquely timed messaging to occur throughout your automations at the customer level. And that’s just the first step. In the time to come, we’ll continue to introduce and redefine automation to provide you with the ability to truly personalize customer experiences, iterating on timing, routing, and content to deliver automation where no two contacts share the same experience.

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