Introducing Conversations: Better Conversations for a Better Customer Experience

Introducing Conversations: Better Conversations for a Better Customer Experience

Communicating with your customers and leads can happen through a number of different channels. But often times it feels like there are too many channels to keep track of – email, chat, Facebook Messenger, social, support tickets, and the list goes on.

In building ActiveCampaign, we’ve always been focused on helping small- and medium-sized businesses quickly realize value from the power of automations. We’ve seen automations have a huge impact on marketing and sales, but we know there’s so much more they can power.

That’s why we’re launching Conversations: our new conversational platform designed to help small- and medium-sized businesses meaningfully connect and engage with their customers, in the most relevant channel, at the most convenient times, capturing all of the touchpoints along the way within ActiveCampaign. And when enhanced with our powerful automations, you’ll start to see ActiveCampaign orchestrating personalized experiences for your customers, regardless of where they are in their customer journey, all while making your team – across sales, support, marketing, customer success – more efficient.

The number of channels for communicating with leads and customers continues to grow, however, it’s clear that certain channels dominate in terms of their reach and convenience, namely web chat and email. That’s why we’ve focused on supporting these channels in today’s initial private beta release of Conversations, enabling conversations to seamlessly flow between them all.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into how some our Alpha customers are using Conversations:

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SellYourService: Connecting chat directly to contacts to improve support

When Mike Killen added chat through another provider to his site, transferring all the data to ActiveCampaign was becoming too messy. It just wasn’t worth it. So when he learned about Conversations, he was eager to get it implemented on his site.

Now, SellYourService’s chat (via ActiveCampaign’s Conversations product) connects directly to ActiveCampaign and helps the support team be more efficient. When a customer comes to the site, the Support team can quickly uncover the contact’s profile and have all the context they need to help that customer.

Miami Marketer: Capturing leads to convert to sales calls

When visitors come to the Miami Marketer website, Carlos Vazquez knows there’s an opportunity to turn them into leads. By adding chat to the site through Conversations, when those leads provide their email address, it directly populates that contact in ActiveCampaign.

Now, Carlos knows more about each person and can appropriately nurture that lead with automations to convert it to a sales call.

Argo Translation: Seamlessly connecting chats to automation

Nick McGuire was using a standard WordPress plugin but he didn’t have the plugin integrated to his CRM for Argo Translations. So the information he needed from chat was a ton of manual work for him and the team.

By implementing Conversations, it’s a seamless connection from chat to his CRM. Now a chat automatically creates a contact with a tag, and a prospect score, so it can kick off an automation. No more legwork for the team!

Each of these customers has found a different way to optimize Conversations for their needs, and we know there are countless more. By expanding to additional communication channels and building automations, you’ll start to see how your sales and support reps will become more efficient and effective while providing a more personalized experience for your customers – connecting with them with the right message, at the right time, in the right way.

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