Introducing a New Way to Navigate Between Automations

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Building an “All-in-one” automation, that contains the entire customer lifecycle is a natural place to get started with marketing automation.
As your capabilities as a marketer grow, so does your functionality, and therefore the scope of your automations.
These monolith single automations can quickly become quite complex to maintain.
A natural next step is to split a large complex automation into many smaller interlocking automations, using the magenta “Enter automation” action.
Many marketers reach a point where they prefer to build a modular automation structure. At ActiveCampaign I use a system of “controller” automations, that handle contact routing, and “function” automations that handle messaging and drive specific objectives.
As the scope of your framework grows, it can be challenging to keep everything organized — a crucial endeavor for a well oiled marketing automation machine.
Today, I am please to announce a small, but incredibly useful feature that will help everyone that builds complex linked/nested automations.

Introducing Automation “QuickLinks”

Automation “QuickLinks” are now available on all magenta “Enter automation” and “End other automation” actions.
When you hover over a magenta “Enter automation” or “End other automation” action, an automation QuickLink will appear. Click on it, and you will be navigated to the automation specified in the Enter automation or End other automation action.
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Automation QuickLinks are not just available on “Enter/end automation” actions. These helpful links are now available on “Send email” actions, as well as “Send site message” actions.
Clicking on the QuickLinks from Send email, and Send site message actions will open the email designer and the site message designer, respectively.
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This is a small change, but should provide substantial time-savings for users with complex “nested” automation structures. Say goodbye to all those extra tabs!

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