Integrate Google Sheets With ActiveCampaign

Integrate Google Sheets With ActiveCampaign

At ActiveCampaign, we’ve never met an integration we didn’t like. Seriously, with over 870 apps and integrations, you’re able to create your custom stack to close deals, grow your audience, and manage customer data with ease. What makes us different from all the other platforms that promise the same? It’s the leading customer experience automation platform that brings everything together to ensure your customers get the most tailored experience, and you get the opportunity to scale your business. 

Businesses of all sizes use Google Sheets to track expenses, create schedules and calendars, or even track event attendance. Smaller businesses who are just starting out are looking to keep costs down and efficiency up, so Google Sheets is an easy-to-use, accessible option for them, and some even use it as a sort of starter CRM. 

But the difference between businesses who are ready to scale and those who are not, could depend on their usage of Google Sheets. In this case, I’m talking about how businesses use Google Sheets to manage or update customer data on a recurring basis, and how they keep the process clean for easy targeting and fast growth. 

No more data falling through the cracks

While it’s easy to stay organized within Google Sheets, it’s just as easy to lose track of information or lose precious hours trying to stay on top of demographic, purchase, or engagement data. I’m not saying you have to get rid of Google Sheets, what I’m saying is that ActiveCampaign’s integration could do most of the work of managing and automating your data for you so that you can focus on growing your business.

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With the Google Sheets integration, our users are able to better manage any customer data coming into, or going out of,  the platform from Google Sheets. With the repetitive tasks happening automatically, you’re able to drive successful, impactful customer experiences across any stage in the lifecycle and keep customers engaged.

The power of this integration goes above and beyond just importing. Once data is brought into ActiveCampaign, it’s easy for users to automate based on that data, or routinely send updates to Google Sheets depending on a contact’s engagement. Whether a contact record is updated with tags and custom fields, or a deal in the CRM is moved along the pipeline, users are able to quickly and easily stay on top of customer information and tailor each interaction based on their understanding of each person. Beyond that, you can regularly update data visualizations with information taken from ActiveCampaign automations, and track how your campaigns, deals, etc are progressing.

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We designed ActiveCampaign to work around our customers’ processes, and by increasing the capabilities of our Google Sheets integration, users can automate tasks and create better experiences using the tools they know and love. We aren’t here to tell you to give up all your tools in favor of our own platform, but rather make it not only possible for the tools to work in tandem, but for you to be successful when they do.

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