Integrate ActiveCampaign with WHMCS

We are very excited to announce an integration with WHMCS for reseller functionality! The integration (which was developed and managed by a 3rd party) features include:

  1. Fully manage your ActiveCampaign reseller accounts directly through WHMCS.
  2. Set your own product pricing through the WHMCS control panel.
  3. cPanel users can have custom domains created for reseller accounts for true brand identity.

This integration is available now from 123Coders in the WHMCS app store. Please refer to the developer’s site for questions and support.

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  • renue74

    What are the advantages of this over your reseller panel?

    • recurring payments?
    • payment gateway?

    We’re in the process of setting up a reseller account and website, where we would have pricing, a wufoo sign up process with stripe recurring payment processing.

    Would this take the place of wufoo/stripe?

    • Hi, our own reseller panel does not include a payment gateway (just the account management aspect) so having the reseller management features available through WHMCS provides you *both* the account management aspect *and* billing aspect. As far as it taking the place of Wufoo/Stripe, that depends on your use-case. This particular integration takes advantage of WHMCS so you can manage accounts and billing aspects all in one.

  • This is really exciting and works really well with something I’m working on right now. Didn’t see this coming at all, but I’m very happy to see it arrive. :)

  • Yes. For all questions about this you would want to contact the developer. Thanks

  • Shan Ghoshal

    Have there been any alternatives to this?

    • Hey Shan,
      No there have not been. At this time this is the only complete solution for resellers looking for something like this.