Marketers Spotlight: Informatix

Marketers Spotlight: Informatix


In this weeks “Marketers Spotlight,” I interviewed John Makras, an Account Manager with Informatix in Queensland, Austrailia. John provides insight into how digital marketing is a multi-faceted tool which should be well rounded and versatile in order to optimize success.

1. Let’s start with a basic get to know you question. What is Informatix and what need is the business trying to meet?

Informatix is an online marketing agency that offers a variety of services and support for businesses of all sizes, across multiple industries. We work to increase visibility, strengthen branding, and help companies reach more customers, more effectively, in an ever-expanding digital world. We are a full-service agency, and our services are available both a la carte and in the form of customized marketing packages. We’re proud to offer a wide range of digital opportunities for all types of businesses looking to grow through online marketing. Our services are versatile and beneficial for any company. We can help startups and businesses establish an Internet presence and build a global customer base, even without technical knowledge. We also save companies time and money by taking both routine and specialty marketing tasks for them, and applying our skills and experience
to improve platforms, unify presentations, and boost profits.

2. I see that you have many different types of services you offer. Have you always offered all of these services or have your offerings been evolving as the digital marketing world expands?

At Informatix, we strive to keep our services—and our clients—on the cutting edge of technology. We are constantly evolving in order to stay ahead of the latest developments, and to deliver the digital advantage to our customers. We understand the importance of keeping pace with the fast-moving online world, from updated design strategies to new avenues for connecting with customers and prospects, like mobile phones. A company that isn’t up-to-date will lose opportunities and risk falling behind the competition.

3. To continue with the theme of the last questions, how important do you think it is for businesses to engage in multiple forms of online marketing like the ones you offer?

We believe it’s essential. Successful online marketing is about exposure through diversification and repetition. The more often a potential customer sees a business online, the more likely they are to remember that business and either look them up, or click through the next ad or communication they receive. A combination of several different online marketing methods, a strong email marketing platform to ensure continued engagement with customers and prospects, and analytics to help determine what’s working and what’s not, is the most effective strategy in the crowded digital marketplace.

4. When did you start offering email marketing and how do you see it helping your customers?

Email marketing is a core offering for Informatix. We’ve specialized in this service since the beginning, and we’ve evolved the technology, analytics, and strategies incorporated with our email marketing platform to ensure continued effectiveness. Even with all the buzz surrounding new online marketing avenues like social media, email marketing is still the most effective method by far. Studies have shown that email has higher open rates, engagement, and ROI than any other digital communication. A reliable, attractive email marketing platform should be at the center of any online marketing strategy.

5. I see that you have a 5-step process when working with your customers. Why do you feel this is important when it comes to digital marketing?

The biggest challenge with digital marketing is finding a solution that works for a particular company. No two businesses are the same, and the best strategies are tailored for each individual company. Our five-step process—Discover, Strategize, Execute, Analyze, Apply—ensures that each of our clients receives an online marketing package that is customized to suit the specific needs of their business. We work with clients before, during, and after projects and campaigns to make sure that everything runs smoothly, and to help them leverage the results of their marketing efforts for further gain.

6. When a business is first getting started with serious digital marketing (i.e. not just updating Facebook once a month), what are a few of the top metrics people should look for to measure success and why?

When it comes to digital marketing, success can be measured in several ways. One of the top metrics companies should analyze is their email open rates, as well as the clickto-open rate. These metrics reveal which campaigns are the most effective in terms of content, delivery time and frequency, and more. When combined with A/B split testing, the metric is even more valuable. Another important metric is website traffic—not just volume, but also first-time versus repeat visitors, most frequently visited pages, and average length of time for visits. Analyzing traffic can reveal a great deal of information about the efficiency of a website in converting visitors to paying customers. Live chat services are a great way to improve this metric.

7. In regards to email marketing, what are the tools (automations, split testing, etc.) that you see consistently helping your users? Why do you feel they are so beneficial?

Automation comes in high on our list of effective tools for email marketing. It saves so much time for a busy company—and in business, time is money. Many of our clients couldn’t believe how much easier automation made their working lives. The ROI for automation is extremely impressive, too. Companies can reach more of their customers and prospects faster, and with reliable frequency. This in turn builds awareness and brand recognition, and boosts click-through rates and conversions. Live chat is another high-impact tool that’s packed with benefits, from a reduction in customer service workloads and expenses to further automation, all leading to greater engagement and increased revenues. One of the more powerful and most underused, or improperly used, email marketing tools is the online survey. There is so much valuable information that companies can gain from a well-written, implemented, and tracked survey, but many businesses simply don’t have the time or the knowledge about what makes a survey effective. Our survey offerings have delivered fantastic, consistent ROI for our clients.

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