12 Contest Ideas for 2014 That Can Grow Your Email List

12 Contest Ideas for 2014 That  Can Grow Your Email List

When you offer a downloadable pdf or a redeemable coupon in exchange for subscriber data, you are in effect bribing potential subscribers, in order to grab their attention.
The next level of bribing is running contests and sweepstakes! As co-founder of Antavo, a lead-generation platform I have seen a lot of good examples.Consider these the Big Bribing Brothers of pdf-s and coupons.
Well, people like to have fun. Robbie Williams’ song “let me entertain you” might well be the anthem of marketers these days, whose main aim is to stand out from the crowd! (Here is the link if you want to absorb the message right now.)
Another reason is that with these promotions you offer something bigger and greater, as well as having a viral element, which means that you can attract new subscribers with the help of your current subscribers.
Here is how this viral mechanism works:

  • During contests people upload a photo, video or short story and ask their friends to vote. You can draw a prize from amongst the voters too. As it’s a skill-based promotion, you can have a round of judges who select the winning entries.
  • For sweepstakes, people get the chance of winning on the premise that they opt-in and exchange other data. They can increase their chance of winning by inviting friends to the contest.

We collected 12 seasonal ideas you can use for the year ahead to help reach the friends of your subscribers – hopefully it will give you some inspiration.

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We see hundreds of contests and sweepstakes every month from our customers, and we know that choosing the right grand prize is essential.
With selecting the grand prizes wisely, you can attract valuable subscribers instead of prize hunters. It is most likely that an iPhone will attract everyone who wants to win an iPhone, not only those who want to be on your list.
Here is a guide on grand prizes that may help you get started.

This post was authored by Zsuzsa Szabo, Co-founder of Antavoan ActiveCampaign integration partner. The subscribers collected with contests and sweepstakes can by synchronized with your ActiveCampaign account. 

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