Increase Traffic to Your Blog With ActiveCampaign & DropInBlog

Increase Traffic to Your Blog With ActiveCampaign & DropInBlog

This post was contributed by Laura Lee of DropInBlog.

Blogging is undoubtedly one of the keys to building an excellent online presence. It is impossible to imagine a successful business, regardless of its size, without a blog.

Considering that one of the fundamental roles of a blog is to give businesses a personal voice and a human face, this is hardly a surprise. So, reading blogs becomes like time spent with friends talking about the John Coltrane version of My Favorite Things ― informative and pleasant.

Blogs also enable your business to establish itself as an authority in your niche. Your blog shows your expertise, creating trust between you and your audience.

With these things in mind, many businesses decide to begin their blogging journey with WordPress. However, what they end up with is a maintenance-intensive platform with lots of hidden costs and security issues. Luckily, there’s a way out of this issue.

DropInBlog is an up-to-the-minute solution to these pain points. It integrates seamlessly with a ton of leading platforms on the market. With an easy ActiveCampaign integration and almost zero maintenance, it makes blogging a simple and enjoyable activity.
increase blog traffic

Why DropInBlog?

DropInBlog is not your average blogging tool. It’s a full-featured blogging platform, and yet, it’s super-easy to use. It’s suitable for the experienced and the beginners, including entrepreneurs, marketers, and creatives.

Adding DropInBlog is as easy as copying and dropping a few lines of code into your landing page or website. The best thing is that it blends perfectly with your design, without any intervention on your side. You also can personalize your blog easily by adding your own custom styles.

DropInBlog gives businesses a space to create high-quality content and develop a content marketing plan to drive new leads. DropInBlog gives you the resources to create relevant content for your visitors to find answers to their specific problems, while ranking high on Google.

The SEO Analyzer is one of the best DropInBlog tools. It evaluates your post title, content, focus keywords, page title, and meta description as you’re creating your post. The result is a total SEO score composed of the individual page title, meta description, and content scores.
increase blog traffic
The SEO Analyzer relies on current SEO best practices. If something deviates from them, the tool gives suggestions on how to improve the score. The problematic parts are highlighted in either yellow if they just need a simple tweak, or red if they’re at odds with the criteria. Green means everything’s okay.
increase blog traffic Thanks to this built-in DropInBlog feature, you save money and time. It makes hiring a 3rd party to review your on-page SEO and installing SEO apps unnecessary. It’ll optimize your posts for search engines without the hassle of learning SEO from scratch.

DropInBlog customer Shaun Hurley shares how the platform helped Urban Axes:

“We recently wanted to expand our website with a Blog section, both to further engage with our community, as well as to assist with SEO content. I looked at, and tested, a number of possible approaches to achieve this goal. In the end, I went with DropInBlog for the combination of rapid, seamless integration into an existing static site, along with the extended functionality that it offers.”

How DropInBlog and ActiveCampaign Work Together

Connecting DropInBlog and ActiveCampaign is a breeze with an ActiveCampaign Plus plan and simply pasting a few lines of code. Here’s a quick guide on how to add your blog using ActiveCampaign’s landing page builder.

DropInBlog is the perfect companion to ActiveCampaign’s landing page builder. The goal of the landing page builder is to capture your leads’ email addresses. When you add a blog it can drive more leads.

With DropInBlog, you can write SEO-friendly blog posts that can rank high in Google. Research shows that blogging significantly increases traffic by up to 55% and leads by as much as 67%. Using DropInBlog to optimize your posts can help you leverage this lead potential and bring in visitors from relevant searches.
increase blog traffic
With DropInBlog, you can make your audience your marketing team. Your users can easily share your posts on social networks or engage via a comment section powered by Disqus or Facebook Comments.

By helping you streamline a few of these key processes, DropInBlog also helps you reduce your overall marketing costs. But when you pair it with ActiveCampaign, together they make a formidable combo for growing an online presence.

How to Use DropInBlog and ActiveCampaign

SEO-optimized blog content attracts more relevant visitors to your website. This traffic means more opportunities to capture email leads that you can nurture into loyal customers.

Here are a few more reasons why you would want to add DropInBlog to your toolkit.

The DropInBlog SEO Analyzer

The DropInBlog SEO Analyzer teaches you the dos and don’ts of blogging. It makes it easier for you to develop SEO habits to secure a higher ranking in Google search results.
increase blog traffic
When you start writing your post, the SEO Analyzer shows you all the things that require your attention:

  • Focus keyword needs to be in the page title, meta description, first paragraph, and page slug;
  • Add images and links to the post;
  • Text word count is at least 300 words.

Team Collaboration

DropInBlog improves teamwork. If several team members collaborate on your website, you can create multiple user accounts and give different access privileges to each blog contributor. You also can create profiles for each of your writers, giving your posts a personal feel.

To add a new author click the “Authors” button and then the “Add Author” button. Fill out a few fields ― such as name, bio, photo, and the title of the author page.
increase blog traffic


Thrive on automation and efficiency? DropInBlog does too! You can schedule the release of your blog posts. This feature allows you to batch the writing of your articles and then drip them out to your audience on any future date and time of your choice. You can create content now and schedule posts for publishing in the following days, weeks, months, or years at any hour of the day.
increase blog traffic
Automating tasks especially comes in handy for highly productive authors who choose to publish content over long time periods. Also, this feature makes things convenient for busy solopreneurs who want to streamline their processes.

Increase Traffic to Generate More Leads

Blogging is an invaluable business tool. It reduces your marketing costs while being highly effective in generating leads, building your online brand, and creating more conversion opportunities. With DropInBlog and ActiveCampaign, you can unlock the full potential of your business.

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