Many ActiveCampaign Survey Software users don’t realize that they have the option to add extra data into their survey link in order to have it included in the survey’s results. It’s easy if you’re using Email Marketing to send your invitations, because you can just use1-2-All’s own personalization tags like %PERS_NAME%, %PERS_33%, etc.
Let’s say you’ve installed ActiveCampaign Survey Software on your web site at A typical survey link would look like:

You can add your data onto the end of this link using an ampersand (&). So, if you wanted to include the zip code of your invitee, you would add an ampersand, indicating that a value has been added, followed by the value itself: zip_code=60601. You final survey link for that invitee would look like:

Only basic alphanumeric characters should be included in the name of your value–no spaces should be used. In this example, we’ve used an underscore (_) instead of a space.
You can add on as many values as you’d like in this manner, simply by placing an ampersand before each value. For example:

When the survey is opened through this link, the Survey Software will automatically store the values “zip_code” and “name” along with all other survey data, such that you can view the data along with the invitee’s survey responses and export it for manipulation in statistical analysis software such as SPSS.