We’ve just released version 5.3.0, which introduces a completely revamped “Create Campaign” section. We’ve taken your ideas into consideration, and implemented our own fixes and improvements, and have come up with a much more responsive and smarter campaign process.
Here is an overview of some of the major changes with the new campaign process:

  • More responsive, cleaner, and updated feel.
  • Auto-generation of the text version of your mailing.
  • Improved summary page with quicker visibility to important information prior to sending.
  • Distinct template categories to better organize similar styles.
  • Less steps altogether, with easier navigation between each.

Here are some other smaller (but still important) improvements or changes:

  • “Email Messages” section has been removed and is now solely available through the campaign process.
  • Recurring campaigns are now part of the Regular Campaign option, and only work in combination with “Fetch from URL” or RSS campaigns (dynamic content).
  • There is a new “Text-Only” Campaign.
  • You can view more than 50 templates for use in your campaign (previously this was limited).

Here are some screenshots.
Start page:

Message selector page:

Summary page:

The summary page shows a quick overview of everything:

If anything needs attention, it will be highlighted in red, and you can view more details:

Inbox Preview will now show basic results automatically (on the Summary page), and you can still view the entire preview:

The split-test screen has also been greatly improved for ease of use:

Adding and removing messages for your split-test campaign is very simple:

This version is immediately available for downloaded users, and will be rolled-out to hosted users in the coming weeks. Please let us know your thoughts!