Improved Wufoo Integration

We have improved our integration with Wufoo to allow mapping multiple Wufoo forms to a single ActiveCampaign user account.
Prior to this, you could only map one Wufoo form to one ActiveCampaign user account (although you could map that form to multiple lists). Based on feedback from our customers, it made sense to improve this to allow as many “instances” of the Wufoo integration as you’d like:
Screenshot of ActiveCampaign Wufoo integration
Just choose “Add New Instance” from the drop-down to add another Wufoo account/form. You can add as many instances as you want! Each instance will create a separate WebHook in Wufoo automatically, so when new form submissions are made, those details are sent to ActiveCampaign to add the subscriber.
Click “Reset All Instances” to remove all Wufoo WebHook connections, or you can remove individual ones.
Remember, you can also bulk import your Wufoo form submissions in case the data is already obtained and you want to quickly move everyone into ActiveCampaign.
Please let us know if you experience any problems or have other ideas on how to improve our Wufoo integration!

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