Improved automation work flow designer & new actions/conditions

Improved automation work flow designer & new actions/conditions

A new “Go To” action

Screen%20Recording%202015 03 19%20at%2003.47%20PM
You can now add a “go to” action that will bring them to any other action in the automation. Move to another side of an if/else, move above the current node without if/else’s being used, etc..

Set a time limit for “wait until” conditionals

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This is a nice one… When you specify a conditional wait you can set a max period of time for it to “wait” for. If the max time is used up and the person still isn’t matching it would continue.

A new way to explore and drag/drop actions

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You can now click the (+) or drag an action from the side bar. The sidebar allows you to search all possible actions as well.

The ability to not have any “start” triggers

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We now have an option for creating automations that only start manually or from other automations.

Zoom in and out of your work flow

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As people create larger and more complex work flows we have found the ability to zoom in and out to be quite helpful.

How to get these updates

We will start slowly rolling this out early next week.  We have much more planned (and already in the works) so be sure to keep letting us know what you think!

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