Importing Subscribers From Tactile CRM

Import Subscribers

When we introduced external connectors for importing subscribers, we included a handful of common software and services to immediately start using, including Salesforce, Google Contacts, FreshBooks, and more.
Today we are introducing Tactile CRM as another source to import subscribers from (using version 5.2.4).
Just visit the Import Subscribers page and choose “An External Service,” then Tactile CRM:
20110316 1
You will need your Tactile username (used in the URL), as well as your API token.
20110316 2
To obtain your API token, visit your Tactile domain admin settings page. Example URL:
(Or go to “Admin” > “More …” in the upper-right corner.)
20110322 1
Click on “Toggle Tactile CRM API access” under “External Applications.”
20110316 3
Click “Enable API” button:
20110316 4
Then visit your User Preferences page to obtain the API token:
20110316 5
20110316 6
Include this information on the Import Subscribers page:
20110316 7
Map the fields appropriately, and you should be ready to go!
20110322 2
Let us know if you have any questions or problems with this.

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