Importing, Exporting, and Sharing Email Templates

NOTE: This feature has been updated. A more recent version of this feature is covered here.

Email Marketing templates are great for organizing newsletter designs, keeping a consistent look across campaigns, or getting a custom-designed email prepared really quick. We even offer free templates with the software to get you started.

Once you obtain a custom template, you can import it directly into the software:

The template you import must be an XML file specifically from our software. New custom templates that we provide will always be in this format. Other ActiveCampaign users can share templates by choosing “Export” for the specific template:

You will then have an XML file that can be re-imported into any ActiveCampaign installation, including all images:

If this is your first time importing the template, just create a brand new template and paste the HTML into the “Code Editor” tab:

Templates even include a custom preview image, which you can modify once you import the template into ActiveCampaign:

The preview image will show up in various sections, such as when creating a new email message/campaign:

This makes it super easy to locate the template you want to use.

For the most recognizable preview images, we recommend the size to be at least 200 pixels wide and 250 pixels tall.

In order to obtain a good preview image, it is best to view the template in a browser (or even preview the campaign before sending), and take a screenshot of it:

Once you have created your template and preview image, it is very easy to backup and share with other users.

Let us know if we can improve this in any way!

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  • I’d love it if the XML-formatted template were something anybody could create and import.

    • Anonymous

      Anybody with an ActiveCampaign account can by creating the template in our software and then clicking export. u00a0nnWe thought about a standalone script to allow people to do this – but have not yet as it would almost take more effort for an avg user than just creating the template in our software and clicking export.

      • Thanks for the quick reply!u00a0 I guess I’m confused because an XML file isn’t too hard to create by oneself, but your templates are encoded when you export them from the software. I was thinking of this in terms of someone wanting to design a template externally (using Dreamweaver, etc.) and then provide an XML file that the user could then import quickly and easily into the software.

        • Anonymous

          Ya – it is a bit more complicated as we do encode the HTML you are importing (basic encoding) and also include the source of all images. u00a0Thus allowing a single xml to add the template, add the images to your server, and update the html with the new/correct image paths.u00a0

  • Michael Cole

    The help article doesn’t include any navigation, links or a URL for finding the template import interface. How does a user actually access this? There is no clear link the top level navigation.

  • Mario

    Hi, how this tutorial apply to the new interface. I only see the import option from a url but not from a computer file.

    • Brian Gladu

      Hi Mario, you’re not able to import a template from a computer file. You can create an HTML email template from HTML code though.

      • Andy

        Brian, when can we expect to be able to import HTML as a file? It’s a common feature in these platforms and for those of us who hand-code (or get our HTML coded elsewhere), it would be a huge timesaver.

  • Matthew Wong

    Hi is it possible to import email templates from another platform such as MailChimp or would I need to redesign each template on AC?

  • David Behar

    Can I export a template in html and reimport it as html to edit in the visual editor?